how to design function generator

waveforms generators (function generators) and IC waveform synthesizers provide several different waveforms or functions at the desired frequency. An IC waveforms synthesizer can generate different waveforms like sine, square, ramp, and triangle. There are many different types of IC waveforms synthesizers. Examples include IC function generators, an IC waveform generator, arbitrary waveform generator, signal generator, and a sweep function generator. An IC function generator is a versatile device that delivers a choice of different waveforms like sine, square, or triangle. The different waves can be obtained by selecting the appropriate code of the select pins which is present at the output. An IC waveform generator is an IC around which the waveform generator circuit is build. A waveform generator is available as a bench top instrument, portable, or PC based module. An arbitrary waveform generator can recreate any waveform at a wide range of amplitudes. A signal generator is used to generate a waveform, signal, testing, and aligning all receivers and transmitters, and also for producing alternating current of desired frequency and amplitude. A sweep function generator generates different waveforms that may be required to measure the frequency response of amplifiers and filters. Other IC waveforms synthesizers are commonly available.
There are several ways in which IC waveforms synthesizers function. A multifunction IC waveforms synthesizer generates a sinewave in the frequency range of 0 to 600 kHz. The triangle, ramp, and square waves are generated at 0 to 50 kHz plus dc with 0.1Hz of resolution. In an IC function generator, the output frequency can be controlled in 0.1Hz to 20MHz frequency range and the duty cycle is varied over a wide range when a ±2.3V control signal is applied. An arbitrary waveform generator is provided with 2 or 3 independent waveform channels and internal skew control. The precision at which waveforms are reproduced in an arbitrary waveform generator is the function of both horizontal and vertical resolutions. Some examples of specifications of a signal generator include frequency range, frequency resolution, switching speed, and maximum input channels. IC waveforms synthesizers are designed and manufactured to meet most industry specifications.