Home Network Power-Line Communication Signal Processing Based on Wavelet Packet Analysis

Recent advances in signal processing methodologies have spawned the way for a high-speed home network power-line communication (PLC) system. In this paper, a novel signal processing method based on wavelet packet analysis is proposed to combat the adverse communication environment over power lines. A comparison research between wavelet transform and wavelet packet transform is presented. Since wavelet packet decomposition can provide more precise frequency resolution than wavelet decomposition, this paper proposes to use the wavelet packet analysis to deal with the highly polluted PLC communication signal. A hardware structure for the PLC system is presented as an experimental platform for sampling an actual communication signal. Simulation results based on these kinds of actual communication signals show the effectiveness of the proposed method. T HIS PAPER aims to develop a novel home network power-line communication (PLC) signal processing method based on wavelet packet analysis. The PLC system is becoming a hot research topic and has attracted more attention recently; however, it is still challenging for high-quality signal transmission over such systems.

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