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Ramayana contains a description of how Hanuman as a child, was a thunderstruck by Lord Indra, and how he got his chin wounded, which put it out of proportion, protruding it to such an extreme, that he came to be known as Hanuman meaning ‘big chin’, after the incident. Due to Tulsidas’s stunch devotion to Hanuman, he was graced by Lord Rama with his physical appearance. Hanuman is the guardian of Rishis. He controls evil spirits, and because of the reddish colour of his body he is worshipped with red vermilion and red flowers.
Today, when the society and the nation are in dear need of true citizens, with the devotion, & laborious discipline of Lord Hanuman, it will not be out of the way to mention, that celebration of Hanuman Jayanti is very necessary and also appropriate to encourage people for emulation of his virtues and values.
Hanuman was a true devotee of Lord Rama, without whose help he would not have overcome his arch rival Ravana. He is considered to be one of the eighth immortals of Hindu religion, capable of removing hurdles from the path of his sincere devotees

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Being impressed by the meditation of Yayudeo, Lord Shankar incarnated himself as Rudra and took birth from Anjani’s womb, that is why Hanuman is also known as Shankar Shut, Pawan Shut, Keshari Nandan & other names. Throughout India, Hanuman is the symbol of strength, & is worshipped annually in the festival of Hanuman Jayanti.
Gaushami Tulsidas, in his book entitled ‘Hanuman Chalisha’ and ‘Sankat Mochan’ has elaborately described and highly praised the character of Hanuman. So strong and brave was Hanuman, that even the Indian Government have instituted its highest gallantry award ‘Mahabir Chakra’ in Hanuman’s name, inspired by his devoted duty towards his master.
On critically examining the description of Hanuman given by Maharshi Valmiki in his book, Ramayana, we can deduce that about 9 lakh years ago, there was a tribe in India that used to walk on all fours, had a tail and hair all over their body, and were semi-civilized, but are extinct now. But even today, it is heard, that the aborigins of Bali Island still have tails about six inches long.
It is illusive to believe that Hanuman was like a monkey of today. He was intelligent, wise and laborious, with a slightly raised chin, and hair all over his body slightly more than others, and quite a longer tail, but he was never an animal as he is thought to be. He was very much a man, a human being in true sense.

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Hanuman Jayanti, is the birthday of Hanuman, the ardent and faithful devotee of Lord Rama. It is celebrated in the month of April. Extra ordinarily strong, very laborious, a bachelor, and highly intelligent. Hanuman is considered to be the incarnation of Lord Shankar, he was begotten by Anjani, the wife of Yayudeo