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Sri Ganesha is worshiped as the “God of wisdom” in Hindu religion. As per the description in Hindu scriptures, as we popularly call him ‘Sri Vinayak’ or ‘Sri Ganesha’ is paid a great devotion because he is the God who eradicates obstacles coming on the life cycle of the people. It is widely believed that worshiping ‘Sri Ganesha’ brings property; good luck to one’s career. ‘Vigneswara’ is prayed as first God (Adya Devta) in all Pujas.

As per the ‘Purana’ Vinayak ‘Sri Ganesha’ emerged on the earth on the month of ‘Bhadra Sukllapaksha Chaturthi Tithi’. So it is called ‘Ganesha Chaturthi’ through out India. Comparing to Maharastra, Gujurat, Andrapradesh etc. Odisha is not far behind in celebrating Ganesha Puja. In Odisha Ganesha Puja is celebrated in every nook and corner, with lot of joy and happiness. People celebrate this occasion by arranging special pendals for the God. Ganesha Puja is the biggest occasion for students of Odisha. Schools, Colleges, Universities, Coaching centers and other institutions attached with education also celebrate Ganesh puja with immense love. Students wear new clothes and observe fasting as a mark of devotion to their loving God. The students break their fasting by offering ‘Puspanjali’ to Sri Ganesha, while reciting ‘Mantras’. Sri Ganesha is worshiped with ‘Sodasa Upachar’ and offered ‘Rasiladu’ as his most favorite ‘Prasad’. It is a day on which every student pays God Ganesha to make his/her educational career bright. Students also offer new writing material like pen, note pad etc. to God, which are used by them after the Puja is over. It is believed in Odisha not to be involved in study related activities on this day. The trading community of Odisha also worship ‘Sri Ganesha’ for prosperity in their business. A lot of cultural programmes are arranged in many parts of Odisha for this occasion.This colourful event comes to an end, after emersion of Ganesh in the holy rivers. The students resume their studies with a lot of zeal only after the celibretion of Ganesh puja.


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