fuzzy optimization model for QFD planning process using analytic network approach

In both the quality improvement and the design of a product, the engineering characteristics affecting product performance are primarily identified and improved to optimize customer needs (CNs). Especially, the limited resources and increased market competition and product complexity require a customer-driven quality management and product development system achieving higher customer satisfaction. Quality function deployment (QFD) is used as a powerful tool for improving product design and quality, and procuring a customer-driven quality system. In this paper, an integrated framework based on fuzzy-QFD and a fuzzy optimization model is proposed to determine the product technical requirements (PTRs) to be considered in designing a product. The coefficients of the objective function are obtained from a fuzzy analytic network process (ANP) approach. Fuzzy analytic hierarchy process (AHP) is also used in the proposed framework. An application in a Turkish Company producing PVC window and door systems is presented to illustrate the proposed framework.

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