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. Perceptual Grouping for Image Retrieval and Classification
2. Image Retrieval via Isotropic and Anisotropic Mappings
3. Retrieval by classification of images containing large manmade objects using perceptual grouping
4. Applying perceptual grouping to content-based image retrieval
5. Using Structure in Content-based Image Retrieval
6. Lower-level and Hihgher-level Approaches to Content-based Image
7. Segmentation and Recognition of Continuous Human Activity
8. Recognizing two-person interactions in outdoor image sequences
9. Tracking Persons and Vehicles in Outdoor Image Sequences Using Temporal Spatio-Velocity Transform
10. Recognition of Human Interaction Using Multiple Features in Grayscale Images
11. Head Segmentation and Head Orientation in 3D space for Pose Estimation of Multiple People
12. Tracking and Classifying Moving Objects from Video
13. Segmentation and Tracking of Interacting Human Body Parks Under Occlusion and Shadowing
14. Human Motion Tracking by Combining View-based and Model-based Methods for Monocular Video Sequences
15. Video retrieval of human interactions using model-based motion tracking and multi-layer finite state automata
16. Model-Based Human Motion Capture from Monocular Video Sequences
17. Quaternion-based Tracking of Multiple Objects in Synchronized Videos
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