free project reports-microwave group

Radio Communications
Base-station antenna diversity at 450 MHz (Y. Huang, S. C. Su, and J. Hodgskiss, + Philips)
Indoor radio channel characterisation for wireless systems ( J. T. Zhang and Y. Huang, + ORS)
Mobile portable diversity and user interaction (D. Kemp and Y. Huang, + Philips)
New modulation and coding schemes for wireless communications (Y Ma, and Y. Huang, + ORS)
Small antennas for wireless communications (Y. Huang, + Nokia)
Spread spectrum digital transceiver (Y. Huang + Paul Blunt)
Development of a MIMO System for WCDMA and OFDM systems (Y. Huang, Y Ma and N, Yi)
Software Radio
Development of a software radio receiver (X. Y. Xiong, Y. Huang, J. Ralph and W. Al-Nuaimy, + ARM)
Blind estimation algorithms for OFDM systems (Y. Ma, Y Huang and W. Al-Nuaimy, + ORS)
Wideband/Multiband antennas and RF front-end (Y. Huang, + ***)
Electromagnetic Imaging
Ground penetration radar for the detection of subsurface objects (Y. Huang, W. Al-Nuaimy, M, Nakhkash, and S. Shihab, + Shell and GSI)
One-port free space measurement system for in-situ 1D imaging (Y. Huang, J. Davis, M. Nakhkash, and J. T. Zhang, + EPSRC)
A study of the near and far field mapping for magnetic imaging. (Y. Huang, + QinetiQ)
Ultra-wide band antennas (Y. Huang, M. Nakhkash and J. Davis, + EPSRC and Leverhulme Trust)
Breast cancer detection using microwave imaging technology (Y. Huang and D Scutt, + ***)
Computational Electromagnetics
High frequency effects in high voltage circuit breakers (H. M. Looe, Y. Huang, and G. Jones, + NGC)
High voltage DC capacitor modelling and designs (H. M. Looe, Y. Huang, S Kirkup, and G. Jones, + EPSRC and ABB)
The analysis of electro-optical modulators at 10 GHz and 40 GHz (Y. Huang, + JDS Uniphase)
Electromagnetic and EMC Measurements
Dielectric material characterisation techniques (Y. Huang, N. Nakhkash, and J. T. Zhang, + Leverhulme Trust, Leeds Univ and NERC)
Reverberation chambers for EMC and antenna measurements (Y. Huang, + Rainford EMC, Nokia and EPSRC)
A study of the field uniformity problem within GTEM cells (H. M. Looe, and Y. Huang, + NPL)

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