Free electronics software

TimeGen Timing Diagram Tool TimeGen: Digital Timing Diagram Tool TimeGen is an engineering CAD tool which allows a digital design engineer the capability to quickly and effectively draw digital timing diagrams. AIM-Spice – a new Windows version of SPICE, free student version available AKNM Circuit magic – Software to show user circuit calculation by Kirchhoff’s laws, Node Voltage and Mesh Current methods. AnaSoft Spice Analog Simulation with Schematic Capture – for Windows 95/98/NT, free beta version available Aplac – electronics circuit simulation program, free demo version available, uses Spice component models, very suitable for RF simulation atlc – Arbitrary Transmission Line Calculator (for electrical transmission lines) – atlc is a computer aided design (CAD) package for the design and analysis of electrical transmission lines and directional couplers of totally arbitrary cross section. ‘atlc’ can handle any cross section and any number of different dielectrics. It’s also possible to analyse 3 conductor lines (directional couplers). The software is free, open-source and for Unix or GNU/Linux machines. It is not really interended for Windoze machines. Bode Diagrams – Windows application for Bode’s diagrams drawing and analysis. It allows to trace and to print the Bode diagrams, both asymptotic and true, and the analysis (zeros, poles, stabilization to open and closed ring, reaction, regulation, project and verification of control systems). The departure function can be expressed in whichever format, also mixed. CAD-Migos Software Tools – SPICE-IT! for Windows, WYSIWYG schematic editor and mixed-mode Spice-compatible simulation system, free demo available Circuit Magic – Symbolic circuits analysis software o simulate AC/DC circuits using Kirchhoffs laws, Node Voltage and Mesh currents. Circuit Magic allows you to design, simulate and learn about electrical circuits. This is commercial software with limited free demo available. Dolphin Integration SMASH – Mixed-signal analog and logic simulation software DSP Design Performance – site which contains a set of Java applets which may be freely used to design digital filters of many types, including high-Q notch filters, fractional-sample time delay filters and comb filters, in addition to the more traditional low-pass, high-pass, band-pass and band-stop filters, differentiators and Hilbert transformers eCircuit Center – A free source of SPICE circuit files and tutorials for the hands-on learning of electronic circuits. Circuits you can design, test and modify using the SPICE simulator: Opamps, filters, sensors, PID controllers, etc. eSketch circuit simulation software – new linear simulator with schematic capture – free 30 day trial Fi
lter Wiz
– Active filter design package, free demo version downloadable ICAP/4 – Analog & Mixed Signal Simulation Software, free Windows demo version available Intusoft Magnetics Designer Transformer, Inductor and Choke Design Software LTspice/SwitcherCAD III – LTC SwitcherCAD. III is a fully functional Spice III simulator with enhancements and models for easing the simulation of switching regulators. This Spice is a high performance circuit simulator, integrated waveform viewer, which also includes schematic capture. Small, easy to learn, GUI version of Spice. Works perfectly on Wine emulator under Linux as well! TuneKit for Windows – design tued LC circuits and coils Mentor Graphics – company which makes a wide selection of electronics design software Micro-Cap – electronics circuit simulation, free demo version available PC-ECAP – AC circuit analysis program which analyzes circuits consisting of resistors, capacitors, inductors, transformers, transistors (both bipolar and FET’s), operational amplifiers and transconductance amplifiers. (Shareware 1990, registration requested) PSpice and Related CAD Packages FAQ PSU Designer II – designed to help you with the design of simple linear (unregulated) mains power supplies, as often found in tube amplifiers SpiceCreator – a popular 32-bit analog, digital, mixed signal circuit design and simulation program, free demo version available The Iowa Logic Specification Language – logic description language and simulator developed between 1983 and 1988 VisualSpice – Electronic Circuit Design and Simulation Software from Island Logix Products, demo available Webench – on-line tools for PLL simulation, power electronics design and thermanl design Westbay Compufilt 2 – Line Interference Analysis. EMI Suppression Filter Modelling. Feedthrough Filter Modelling.