filter specialist

Accute Micro Electronics Co. Ltd. – Manufacturer of dielectric ceramic filters for the communications industry. Includes product specifications, online catalogue (PDF), and photographs of their facility.
AEF Solutions – Filtered connector solutions for electro magnetic interference including lightning and transient suppression.
Arcotronics – EMI EMC RFI filters and interference reduction engineering solutions.
Colby Instruments, Inc. – Manufacturer of precision programmable delay lines and phase shifters. Both mechanical and electronic solutions are offered with resolutions down to 0.25 ps, and bandwidth from dc to 18 ghz (dc to 40 gb/s nrz).
Communications & Energy Corporation – Manufactures and sells microwave filters for wireless television, cable television, low-power television, and personal communications service.
Curtis Industries – Full line manufacturer of RFI filters – general purpose, high performance switching power supply, medical UL544, 3 phase, power entry modules.
Custom Suppression, Inc. – Custom manufacturer of miniature RFI filters and filtered connectors with suppression and transient devices.
Genisco Filter Corp. – A custom solutions manufacturer for a variety of electromagnetic and radiofrequency interference problems.
ITF Co.,Ltd. – Manufacturer of high-performance surface acoustic wave (SAW)components. Application areas include base stations, repeaters, terminals, HDTV and SAW resonators.
Jiaxing Acoustic Electric Industrial Company – Manufacturer of saw devices, including SAW filters, resonators and duplexers.
K-COM – Manufacture products for attenuation of radio frequency interference (RFI) used by amateur (ham), short wave and Citizen Band (CB) radio operators . Includes product specifications, technical documentation, and FAQs.
KR Electronics – Designs and manufactures precision filters from dc to 3 GHz.
LCR Electronics, Inc. – Design, development and manufacturing of custom and standard EMI filters.
Murata Electronics North America – Produces a.o. feedthrough and SAW filters.
Netcom Inc. – Manufactures custom lc filters, oscillators, phase locked loops, crystal filters, and power supplies.
Oceangrove Developments Limited – Produce RFI suppression capacitors, chokes and filter systems.
OKY R&D Co., Ltd. – Manufacturer of EMI/EMC filters, choke coil and inverter surge filters.
Piezo Technology, Inc. – A manufacturer of frequency control products such as crystal oscillators, crystal filters, lc filters, and crystal resonators.
Pole Zero Corporation – Manufactures digitally tuned RF filters, notch filters, preselectors and low noise amplifiers.
Spectrum Control Inc. – Manufactures aline of EMI/RFI filters, power products and EMC testing services including capacitors, discrete filters, filtered arrays, ferrite inductors, patch antenna elements and gaskets and shielding.
TTE – Produces bandpass filter, rf filter, and high pass filters.
Vortex Technologies, Inc. – Supplier of isolators, control surge protectors, and EMIRFI filters.