Feedback Based Error Control for Mobile Video Transmission

feedback-based low bit-rate video coding techniques for robust transmission in mobile multimedia networks. For error control on the source coding level, each decoder has to make provisions for error detection, resynchronization, and error concealment, and we review techniques suitable for that purpose. Further, techniques are discussed for intelligent processing of acknowledgment information by the coding control to adapt the source coder to the channel. We review and compare error tracking, error confinement, and reference picture selection techniques for channel-adaptive source coding. For comparison of these techniques, a system for transmitting low bit-rate video over a wireless channel is presented and the performance is evaluated for a range of transmission conditions. We also show how feedback-based source coding can be employed in conjunction with precompressed video stored on a media server. The techniques discussed are applicable to a wide variety of interframe video schemes, including various video coding standards. Several of the techniques have been incorporated into the H.263 video compression standard recently, and this standard is used as an example throughout.

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