F-connectors in cable tv

F-connectors – The F-connector is the only connector in common use for 75-ohm TV antenna systems.
There is a quick push-on version of the F-connector, but these are never reliable long term, even indoors. Even good connectors require protection from the weather. How long the cable lasts depends solely on how long you can keep water out of it. 3M Vinyl Electrical Tape is a good waterproofer. Cover the connectors completely. Even better is an asphalt putty called “Coax Seal”, but it is so tenacious it should not be used for temporary connections.
It is inadvisable for you to assemble F fittings onto coaxial cable. The result often proves unreliable over the long run. It is better to purchase ready-made cables of the proper length. These machine made cables are highly reliable.
But if you need an odd-length cable you might have to learn how to do this. Your first few cables will probably be unreliable, but eventually you will get good at it. Don’t buy the smaller crimp tools. They will never make reliable crimps. Even the largest crimp tools will hurt your hands. Leather gloves help. An extreme amount of crimping force is necessary. Otherwise the junction resistance will rise slowly over a period of months. Most importantly, get the right fittings. There are three different sizes, one each for RG59, RG6, and RG6QS.