embedded system and vlsi career in India

Embedded System Design is an emerging area. There is a growing demand for embedded system designers in electronics industry and telecom sector. Opportunities are growing in the areas of telecommunication/mobile communications, Industrial engineering, electronics, aerospace, military, automotive/transportation, medical equipments, electronics equipments, electronics research and so on. Global career prospects for highly qualified professional in this field are the best in countries like the U.S., the U.K., Japan, Germany, France, and China.
A career in VLSI (very large scale integrated) technology is also the latest choice of electronic engineers as a majority of the major international players in chip designing and fabrication like Texas Instruments, Intel, Sun, ST Microelectronics and Wipro are setting up designing houses in India.
The very large scale integrated circuit technology is a revolution in the miniaturizing of electronics and offers a golden career opportunity for Indian VLSI designers and electronic engineers.
The VLSI technique is sophisticated and requires talent. Though the integrated chip is hardware, the design work is in “soft” form and can be exported over the Internet, the reason why: it is being outsourced to Indian companies. As VLSI design houses in India are meeting the demand from US-based companies at more competitive costs, the VLSI industry is going to see a high growth rate in India due to a US slowdown. And since it is a new industry, the demand for VLSI design engineers exceeds the supply. Chip and processors are now used in almost everything — from computers, laptops, mobiles, complex electronic gadgets to everyday appliances like dishwashers. It is the VLSI design engineer’s efforts that make this possible. They conceive and design these chips and later send them for fabrication.
To work as a VLSI design engineer, a BE or B Tech degree in Electronics, Telecommunications or Instrumentation is a prerequisite. Apart from VLSI design knowledge, the engineers should also know assembly-level programming and C programming.
A number of institutes offer these diploma courses. Though a majority of the institutes are located in the South, Semiconductor Complex Limited (a Government of India Enterprise), Mohali, leads the list in North India. It offers a six-month postgraduate diploma in VLSI design. MS Ramaiah School of Advanced Studies, MSR Nagar, Bangalore – 560 054 ( also offers Advanced certificate training programme (six-month full-time) in embedded system design. VLSI Design and Research Centre (University of Pune), Department of Electronics Science, Pune – 411 007 offers Certificate course in embedded system design, six-month full-time programme.
Apart from this you can do M.E/M.Tech in the subject of your choice after appearing for GATE.
You can even go for Indian Engineering Services by giving UPSC exams.
If you are interested in management or Sales/Marketing then you can enrol yourself for MBA.
You may also choose to take up career as Support Engineer.