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    Elektor Electronics – The publication for all professionals and hobbyists actively engaged in electronics and computer technology.
    Electronics For You – Home, Circuit Lab, Technical Articles, eWebSearch, Top 100, Bulletin Board, Events Circuits On Sale, EFY MagOnline, EFY Products.
    EDN – design source for engineers. design source, search, product search. articles, circuits, projects.
    Circuit Cellar – the best magazine devoted to hardware and embedded computer development, or “What’s Inside the Box”.
    Imagineeringezine – is dedicated to imagineering. It has over 400 pages which includes: circuit schematics, sections covering creativity, inventing, electronics, the consulting profession, science and technology, gardening and much more. which promotes creativity and imagination, is loaded with information for hobbyists, scientists and engineers. Hobby Corner, The Experimenter’s Journal , Imagineering in Space, Interesting Facts, The Consulting Profession, and Brainstorming are just a few of the sections.
    Everyday Practical Electronics (EPE) – hobby electronics and computer projects magazine for electronics constructors. Every issue is packed with ideas, theory and projects for you to build.
    Nuts & Volts – Nuts & Volts is the leading magazine for those seriously interested in electronics. New editorial features were added along with monthly columns and projects for electronics DIYers.
    Silicon Chip– Projects to Build, Product Showcase, Ask Silicon Chip, Online version of Australia’s only electronics magazine, and is primarily directed to professionals, trades people and enthusiasts in the electronics, electrical and computer fields.
    Elektroniknet – Encyclopedia, Automation, Automotives, Elements, Designtools, Elektromechanik, Embedded of system, Communication, Messen&Testen Current supply.
    Electronic Design – Helps Design Development, electronic original equipment manufacturers products and systems.
    Popular Electronics MagazinePopular Electronics was started by Ziff-Davis in October 1954 as a magazine for students and experimenters. It became the “World’s Largest-Selling Electronics Magazine”.
    Radio-Electronics MagazineRadio-Electronics was published under various titles from 1929 to 2002. Hugo Gernsback started it as
    in July of 1929 and the title was changed to Radio-Electronics in 1948.