Electrical and electronics distributors

<li><a rel=”nofollow”    href =””>Above Board Electronics</a> – Distributes fasteners and electromechanical components. Online line card and manufacturer data sheets in PDF.</li>
<li><a rel=”nofollow”    href =””>Ace Electronics</a> – Distributor of copper and fibre wire, connectors, racks and complete interconnect systems. Custom design, technical support and on-site visits available.</li>
<li><a rel=”nofollow”    href =””>Adolf Würth GmbH &amp; Co. KG</a> – Distributors of fixing and assembly materials including screws, screw accessories, dowels and plugs, chemical products, furniture and construction fittings, tools, stockkeeping and picking systems. (Deutsch and English)</li>
<li><a rel=”nofollow”    href =””>Advanced Components Industries, Inc</a> – Specializes in encapsulated power transformers, pc mountable and magnetic latching relays.</li>
<li><a rel=”nofollow”    href =””>Advanced Thermoelectric Products</a> – Supplies thermoelectric (TE) modules and products used to cool or control the temperature of products by utilizing the Peltier Effect.</li>
<li><a rel=”nofollow”    href =””>Aim Electronics, Inc</a> – Distributor of industrial electronic components. Online linecard and links to represented manufacturers.</li>
<li><a rel=”nofollow”    href =””>All Components Engineering &amp; Sales</a> – Specialize in hard to find and obsolete, as well as new, electronic components and hardware. Wolman owned and native American company.</li>
<li><a rel=”nofollow”    href =””>Alliance Sales Company</a> – Representatives for cable carriers, panel coolers, resistance welding equipment, rectangular connectors, cord grips, molded cable, safety cable switches and other electro-mechanical components.</li>
<li><a rel=”nofollow”    href =””>Allied Wire and Cable, Inc.</a> – Supplier of fiber optic components and materials, tubing, wire and cable.</li>
<li><a rel=”nofollow”    href =””>Alpine Electronics</a> – Stocking distributor for LEMO, REDEL and LEMO compatible (intermateable) connectors.</li>
<li><a rel=”nofollow”    href =””>Astro Industries, Inc.</a> – Distributor of wire, cable and tubing specialising in products suitable for the military and aerospace markets.</li>
<li><a rel=”nofollow”    href =””>BTC Electronic Components</a> – Wholesale distributor and manufacturer’s representative for electrical components and connectors including connector accessories, relays and heat shrink products to the military and aerospace industries. Online line card and PDF catalogues available for download.</li>
<li><a rel=”nofollow”    href =””>Cimarron Technology</a> – Supplier of BrownDog Component Adapters, electronic component adapters for prototyping, especially for surface mount components.</li>
<li><a rel=”nofollow”    href =””>Clague Sales Corp.</a> – Distributor of plastic molded knobs and handles.</li>
<li><a rel=”nofollow”    href =””>Coast Air, Inc.</a> – Distributor of electromechanical hardware, fasteners and application tools for the commercial and defense aerospace industries.</li>
<li><a rel=”nofollow”    href =””>Comlec</a> – Distributor of passive and active components; fuse, circuit breakers, power entry modules, connectors, input systems and selector switches.</li>
<li><a rel=”nofollow”    href =””>Connector Technology Inc.</a> – Assembly and distribution specialist for a broad range of electronic interconnect systems for industrial, commercial, military and harsh environment applications.</li>
<li><a rel=”nofollow”    href =””>DNA Group</a> – Distributor of switches, electronic assemblies, and portable protection devices.</li>
<li><a rel=”nofollow”    href =””>Direct Sound Corp.</a> – Distributor of Japanese made waterproof, splashproof, quick connect, miniature and micro connectors. Online line card and specifications.</li>
<li><a rel=”nofollow”    href =””>Dixel Electronics Ltd.</a> – Distributor of electronic connectors for military, industrial, telecommunication applications. Also antistatic protection and electromagnetic interference shielding products.</li>
<li><a rel=”nofollow”    href =””>Elan International Inc.</a> – Representing a Hong Kong based manufacturer of printed circuit boards. Specializing in gold boards for ultrasonic and thermalsonic wire bonding.</li>
<li><a rel=”nofollow”    href =””>Electronic Eyelet &amp; Interconnect, Inc.</a> – Distributor of electronic hardware and fasteners. Online line card and inventory. Offers customer inventory management.</li>
<li><a rel=”nofollow”    href =””>F C Lane</a> – Distributors of electronic connectors.</li>
<li><a rel=”nofollow”    href =””>FC Lane Electronics</a> – Distributor of commercial and military connectors. Online linecard, product descriptions and links to represented manufacturers.</li>
<li><a rel=”nofollow”    href =””>FuseOne</a> – Sells fuses for electric circuit protection from overstock and surplus supplies.</li>
<li><a rel=”nofollow”    href =””>Goodman Components Corp.</a> – Distributor of magnetic latching relays, solenoids, and servomotors.</li>
<li><a rel=”nofollow”    href =””>Gourmet Electronics, Ltd</a> – Distributor of electro-mechanical and cable assemblies and components. Also have a contract manufacture division.</li>
<li><a rel=”nofollow”    href =””>Haynes Associates</a> – Manufacturer’s representatives for thermal management solutions for telecommunications and computer server industries.</li>
<li><a rel=”nofollow”    href =””>Heilind Electronics, Inc.</a> – Distributor of interconnect components. (United States)</li>
<li><a rel=”nofollow”    href =””>Hi-Tech Fasteners, Inc.</a> – Distributor of connectors, EMI/RFI shielding, heat shrink tubing, switches, terminals/lugs/pins/blocks, fans and accessories.</li>
<li><a rel=”nofollow”    href =””>ISCO, Inc.</a> – Distributor of electromechanical components such as fasteners, clamp, clips, wire routing, wire management, hardware, and tools.</li>
<li><a rel=”nofollow”    href =””>In2Connect</a> – Manufacturing distributor of D and PCB connectors, military connectors and added-value cable harnesses from the UK. Specialists in McMurdo connector styles.</li>
<li><a rel=”nofollow”    href =””>International Components Corp</a> – Distributor of speakers, cables, connectors, and other electrical components.</li>
<li><a rel=”nofollow”    href =””>Interstate Connecting Components</a> – Distributor of connectors and accessories. Stocking for manufacturers such as, Advanced Interconnections, Amphenol, Delta, DDK, J-Tech, Jolsyn Sunbank, Daniels, Alpha Wire, Northern Technologies, Summitomo, Hellerman, Sure Seal, Tru Connector, Trompeter Electronics and Neutrik USA.</li>
<li><a rel=”nofollow”    href =””>JRH Electronics</a> – Franchised authorized distributor of electro-mechanical components including connectors, switches, fans, and wire. Line card and searchable inventory. Women Owned Small Business.</li>
<li><a rel=”nofollow”    href =””>Jyot Industries</a> – Manufactures and exports copper braids, strands, wire rope, flexible connectors.</li>
<li><a rel=”nofollow”    href =””>Leotronics, Ltd.</a> – Distributor of a wide range of connector types and associated products and accessories.</li>
<li><a rel=”nofollow”    href =””>Lesco, Inc.</a> – Distributor of power products, wire and cable.</li>
<li><a rel=”nofollow”    href =””>Lodestone Pacific</a> – Distributor of shielded coil forms, toroid mounts, bobbins, magnetic materials, transformer tape, and anti-static part trays for the magnetic and electronics industry.</li>
<li><a rel=”nofollow”    href =””>Maguire Associates</a> – Engineering company representing exclusively manufacturers who produce transformers, flex circuitry, connectors, DC/DC converters, and cable assembly.</li>
<li><a rel=”nofollow”    href =””>Molkenbuhr Enterprises, Inc. (MEI)</a> – Distributors and manufacturers of fasteners and electronic hardware. Online line card and links to manufacturer product specifications.</li>
<li><a rel=”nofollow”    href =””>PEI-Genesis</a> – Distributor of commercial, industrial and military connectors.</li>
<li><a rel=”nofollow”    href =””>Phoenix Electronics Distribution Ltd</a> – Engineering based distributor of connectors, enclosures, switches, and other hardware interconnects and components. Online catalog of parts including photos and some specifications. UK.</li>
<li><a rel=”nofollow”    href =””>Phoenix Enterprises</a> – A distributor of connectors and IC sockets.</li>
<li><a rel=”nofollow”    href =””>SED International Holdings Inc.</a> – Distributes consumer electronic products, including personal computers, printers, computer peripherals and networking and wireless telephones. Headquarters in Tucker, Georgia, USA. (Nasdaq: SECX)</li>
<li><a rel=”nofollow”    href =””>SOFASCO</a> – Specializing in fasteners, plant maintenance hardware and related assembly products for OEMs.</li>
<li><a rel=”nofollow”    href =””>Stranco Products Midwest</a> – Distributor of heat shrinkable products and insulation.</li>
<li><a rel=”nofollow”    href =””>Technical Marketing Associates</a> – Distributor of RF components and services.</li>
<li><a rel=”nofollow”    href =””>The David Emery Corporation</a> – Distributor of Jaeger connectors and accessories and Kabelshlepp cable carriers and Adaptaflex conduit system.</li>
<li><a rel=”nofollow”    href =””>Townsend Coates</a> – An assembling distributor of connectors and electro-mechanical hardware. Specialists in harsh environment and military applications.</li>
<li><a rel=”nofollow”    href =””>Tropic Fasteners, Inc.</a> – Distributor of fasteners, EMI suppression ferrites, sockets and pins, coated abrasives, hand tools and electronic hardware.</li>
<li><a rel=”nofollow”    href =””>Westside Supplies</a> – Distributor of connectors, terminals, phono audio jacks, plugs and sockets. Additional services include manufacture of in-house and customer designs, value added cables and leads. Online line card, prototype and MOQ and credit card purchasing.</li>