Digital Microphone

Akustica’s digital microphones are the world’s first and only surface mountable monolithic digital microphone chips that integrate an acoustic transducer, analog output amplifier, and sigma-delta modulator on a single chip. The single-bit digital output stream connects to downstream electronics without shielded cabling or complex signal routing, providing the highest degree of design flexibility and freedom. Acoustic performance of Akustica digital microphone chips is equal to or better than conventional analog microphones.
An important benefit of Akustica digital microphones is their immunity to RF (radio frequency) and EM (electromagnetic) interference, which allows placement in optimal acoustic locations regardless of proximity to displays, WiFi antennae or other sources of interference that would degrade or preclude use of conventional microphones. In addition, the output of two digital microphones can be multiplexed onto a single data wire. The overall result is that manufacturers can achieve enhanced voice quality with a reduced component and wire count.
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