DevOps (development and operations) is an enterprise software development phrase used to mean a type of agile relationship between development and IT operations. The goal of DevOps is to change and improve the relationship by advocating better communication and collaboration between these two business units.
Report: Devops literature review
DevOps is a conceptual framework for reintegrating development and operations of Information Systems. We performed a Systematic Mapping Study to explore DevOps . 26 articles out of 139 were selected, studied and summarized. Based on this a concept table
An exploratory study of devops extending the dimensions of devops with practices
Software-intensive companies constantly try to improve their software development process for better software quality and a faster time to market. The DevOps phenomenon emerged with the promise of easing the process of putting new software changes to production at a
DevOps : Concepts, practices, tools, benefits and challenges
DevOps originated in the context of agile software development, seems an appropriate approach to enable the continuous delivery and deployment of working software in small releases. Organizations are taking significant interest in adopting DevOps ways of working
Simplifying the DevOps Adoption Process.
DevOps is a new tendency in business and information technology alignment. The purpose of DevOps is bridging the gap between the development and operations. Several sources claim that DevOps is a new style of work. Many successful DevOps introduction attempts and
Are you ready for Devops Required skill set for Devops teams
In order to react quickly to changing environments and build a customer-centric setup, more and more organizations are deciding to work with the agile IT software development approach. But for the fast delivery of new software features in very short time, other parts of
Why enterprises must adopt devops to enable continuous delivery
Due to the complexity of current systems, it is difficult to determine what should be decommissioned when a new system is up and running. The tendency is to let the old system run, creating additional costs and complexity that in turn drive up IT operating costs
Devops for digital leaders: Reignite business with a modern devopsenabled software factory
If DevOps for Digital Leaders had existed several years ago when we started on our DevOps journey, it would have made our transition significantly easier. This book is an excellent resource for both experienced and new DevOps practitioners more than just a ‘how-to’
Is DevOps another project management methodology
In this paper, the authors aim to present the concept of DevOps (Development Operations), considering its degree of novelty in the area of project management. Firstly, the authors will bring theoretical arguments to support the idea that DevOps is an early-stage Distributed software engineering is one of the hot research areas that has the most interest within the software industry for many IT organizations especially the global and multinational ones. Up to 90% of these organizations running projects are distributed over different teams
A cambrian explosion of DevOps tools
ANY DISCUSSION OF how to scale the benefits of DevOps invariably lands on tools. The planning, tracking, automation, and management tools we use define the ground truth of where and how work happens. One of the most interesting, and at times challenging
Continuous delivery and DevOps : a quickstart guide
P Swartout He has put his past experiences and skills to good use to evangelize all things DevOps working to master Ruby and advocating infrastructure-as-code as a Chef practitioner. If youve never heard of CD or DevOps this book will give you an insight into what all the fuss
What is devops
Continuous delivery as a software-delivery strategy is attracting increasing attention and recognition within both IT and the business organization. The ability to rapidly and repeatedly bring service improvements to market that continuous delivery provides aligns
A research on DevOps maturity models
Despite the big number of software process models currently available which have been used and practiced for many years, we could not till now totally solve the problem of projects late submissions! Meanwhile Software have constantly become bigger, more complex, and
Exploring devops : challenges and benefits
The ideal structure characterizing the phenomenon of the DevOps and the magnitudes of the DevOps and the understanding of the DevOps and have an enhanced Knowledge in the adoption of the DevOps . details of the difference between the Agile
DevOps and the cost of downtime: Fortune 1000 best practice metrics quantified
Based on a research survey conducted during October and November of across multiple industries and with respondents across development, testing, and operations, this document identifies for the first time critical DevOps metrics from 20+ Fortune 1000
A review paper on DevOps : Beginning and more to know
DevOps is one of the conceptual studies for integration of operational and development review for Infrastructure and information system. The modern develop companies face multiple challenges to meet the requirement to develop software system and maintain the New style of IT puts many organizations in the current IT market under pressure to move their traditional delivery approaches towards modern mechanisms like DevOps . These new modern approaches consider the high demand rate of their clients who starve for having
The factors driving testing in devops setting-a systematic literature survey
Objectives: Software testing is no more Essential requirement but it is Critical for the software application or product survival. It has become mental discipline and the tone of an organization mindset especially in the context of emerging DevOps practice. A few
Closing the IT development-operations gap: The devops knowledge sharing framework.
Although DevOps has been heralded as a novel paradigm to overcome the traditional boundaries between IT Development (Dev) and IT Operations (Ops) teams, many IT organizations lack guidance on how to implement this paradigm in practice. This design
Towards a quality model for devops
Continuous Delivery is widely considered to be a critical requirement in the context of software engineering. The DevOps approach aims to bring together the opposing interests of software development and IT operations to improve the efficiency of development as well
Achieving Cloud Scalability with Microservices and DevOps in the Connected Car Domain.
The connected car business has high demands on the exchange of data and files between the connected car on the road, and a variety of services in the backend. To solve current and upcoming challenges in the best way, a scalable and flexible architecture and team setup is
Fast Delivery, Continuously Build, Testing and Deployment with DevOps Pipeline Techniques on Cloud
Abstract Objectives: To implement the DevOps pipeline on cloud for an organization. That is designed and implemented according to the project requirements. Methods/findings: The results of the study are to automate everything using DevOps pipeline on cloud native with
Towards the adoption of DevOps in software product organizations: A Maturity Model Approach
This technical report describes a study conducted at Centric and concerns the adoption of DevOps in software product organization (SPOs), which are organizations that produce software for multiple customers and thus need to take into account the wishes and needs
Towards DevOps in Multi-provider Projects.
DevOps addresses the continuity of development and operations activities in the software development lifecycle in order to achieve a better software experience via shorter development and release cycles with improved quality. A challenge in enterprise context is
Next-generation process integration: CMMI and ITIL do devops
The CMMI for Development4 provides support for the software development lifecycle (SDLC) through disciplines that include requirements development, estimating and project planning, product quality, configuration management, and other processes such as
How security can be the next force multiplier in devops
Software development challenges DevOps doesn’t address secure coding challenges Its our duty to affect change in DevOps Security embedded in DevOps makes DevOps better Don’t fear DevOps Know the people, processes and tools Find your positive
Traceability establishment and visualization of software artefacts in devops practice: a survey
DevOps based software process has become popular with the vision of an effective collaboration between the development and operations teams that continuously integrates the frequent changes. Traceability manages the artefact consistency during a software
Devops at advance internet: How we got in the door
CUTTER IT JOURNAL August 14 that demonstrated how to navigate the interface and how to build graph correlation pages. The goal was to open the metrics to the organization. Operations not be able to keep its eye on everything at all times, so with more people Nowdays the importance of the term DevOps (Developer Operations) has been increasing around the world, and Mexico is not the exception. This chapter describes the DevOps approach established in a Data Center of Mexico of a large Mexican governmental
Devops : A systematic literature review
The DevOps approach is a connection of development and operation teams in software development to supply IT solutions fast into the market. The performed systematic literature review selects 58 out of 842 publications. The number of publications has increased in the
Enhancing lean software development by using DevOps practices
Competition between companies has made a great pressure to produce new features continuously as fast as possible, subsequently successful software companies needs to learn more about customers and get new features out to them more rapidly. Lean software
The business case for devops : A five-year retrospective
A number of obstacles dogged the organization as traditionally operational roles were augmented and transformed. The infrastructure groups feared loss of control without loss of accountability and felt constrained by the terms of the outsourcing contract. Finance was Reinventing ITIL in the Age of DevOps my third publication, came more out of necessity rather than an idea that sprang into my mind one fine morning. My clients often ask me about the relevance of ITIL today with the advent of DevOps . They question on Yammer and other
IT systems delivery in the digital age: Agile, DevOps and beyond
Today, we live in the digital age. However, the original plan-driven methods of IT and software systems delivery were proposed several decades ago, being coined in an entirely different context. In this position paper we review recent advancements in the IT and While learning about Agile and DevOps I read some great books. I studied the different parts that make up the Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) toolkit from Microsoft, like Visual Studio Team Services and Azure, and learned how they worked. I also read books on
Designing Software Architecture to Support Continuous Delivery and DevOps : A Systematic Literature Review.
This paper presents a systematic literature review of software architecture approaches that support the implementation of Continuous Delivery (CD) and DevOps . Its goal is to provide an understanding of the stateof-the-art on the topic, which is informative for both researchers
A DevOps framework for quality-driven self-protection in Web software systems
Modern software is developed, deployed and operates continuously. At the same time, cyberattacks are on the rise. The continuity of development and operations and the constant threat of attacks requires novel approaches to identify, analyze and address potential
IoT-based Systems Actuation Conflicts Management Towards DevOps : A Systematic Mapping Study.
The Internet of Things (IoT) has long been understood as an infrastructure layer allowing to gather environmental data through sensors. However, it also provides means to physically interact with our living environments through actuators. To the extent that actuation effects Trademarked names, logos, and images appear in this book. Rather than use a trademark symbol with every occurrence of a trademarked name, logo, or image, we use the names, logos, and images only in an editorial fashion and to the benefit of the trademark
A systematic mapping study about DevOps
DevOps is a very trendy term these days in the software development companies (SDC), term that emerges as a possible solution to finally reach an acceleration and a rise of productivity expected with the appearance of agile development approaches, but that until
A control-alignment model for product orientation in DevOps teams A multinational case study
Abstract Changes in IT organization and technology environments make it necessary to adapt and review how mission critical IT functions align with firm strategy. IT functions increasingly use cross-functional teams to manage the lifecycle of digital solutions. As cross
DevOps competences for Smart City administrators
1 ABSTRACT A fledgling and still scattered knowledge stream on multi-disciplinary Smart city phenomena is developing. For the development of smart cities intellectual minds and a synthesis of quite diverse competences are required to shape cities to becoming smart with In the world of software development, the need of the hour is short turnaround on all product development lifecycles, also known as the Agile methodology. The Agile methodology is based on customer feedback and supports rapid innovation. Such innovation requires new
A Practical Guide to Testing in DevOps
K Clokie This book is for testers who want to understand DevOps and what it means for their role. Its also for people in other roles who want to know more about how testing fits into a DevOps model. I hope to encourage people to explore the opportunities for testing in DevOps and to
DevOps Quality Engineering
DevOps is recently emerging as a disruptive series of principles and practices that reduce the amount of time between software refactoring and operationally deploying changes. Our theme issue proposal will host top papers accepted for the QUATIC track on DevOps
Maximize the synergies between ITIL and DevOps
This white paper describes the synergies between ITIL best practices and DevOps (development and operations) practices. ITIL focuses on the lifecycle of services, from inception to retirement, and provides best-practice guidance for IT service management
An overview of devops
The field of software development is fairly new as compared to traditional industries like manufacturing, retail and the like. Even so, it has seen a lot of churn in the methods proposed to develop software and maintain enterprise applications. In the early days of Software release management is the process of managing, planning, scheduling and controlling a software build through different stages and environments; including testing and deploying software releases. Traditional approaches like ad-hoc and incremental/iterative Cloud technology is increasingly present in our daily lives. The intent of this book is to introduce Google Cloud Platform, of cloud computing services, with an eye to DevOps practices. DevOps is currently a hot commodity in the information technology (IT) field, and
The DevOps Transformation
DevOps is a cultural DevOps starts with why, with a holistic vision, and supports that vision with process and tools. Operations centric focus on DevOps DevOps is an emerging collection of software management practices intended to shorten time to market for new software features and to reduce the risk of costly deployment errors. In this paper we examine the security implications of two of the key DevOps practices
Measuring Software Delivery Performance Using the Four Key Metrics of DevOps
The Four Key Metrics of DevOps have become very popular for measuring IT-performance and DevOps adoption. However, the measurement of the four metrics deployment frequency, lead time for change, time to restore service and change failure rate is often done
Secure DevOps Foundations for Large-Scale Software Systems
In Search of a Modern Software Life Cycle explores the Secure DevOps Foundations for Large Scale Software Systems in terms of voices from the trenches, the field of play, life cycle on center stage, and evolutionary features and issues including sequential, prototype
Microservices Architecture Enables DevOps : an Experience Report on Migration to a Cloud-Native Architecture
The microservices architecture is one of the first service-based architectural styles that has been introduced, applied in practice, and become popular when the DevOps practices gained momentum in the software industry. Migrating monolithic architectures to cloud
Safety Case and DevOps Approach for Autonomous Cars and Ships
One of the main arguments that support the development of autonomous ship operation is the expected improvement of maritime safety by reducing human error and exposing less people to hazardous environments. However, in most likely scenarios, humans will remain
Executing DevOps CI/CD, reduce in manual dependency
As a component of the Agile change in the previous hardly any years we have seen IT associations embracing consistent combination standards in their product delivery lifecycle, which has improved the effectiveness of advancement teams. The optional target is to
DevOps : introducing agility and flexibility to BPO-IT organisations service providers perspective
Competition is rife within BPO-IT service providers as outsourcing clients opt for providers that will add significant value to their operations. Thus, providers perceive DevOps as one way of improving the quality of clients services through in-house development of reliable
Project Management In Era Of Agile And Devops Methodlogies
This paper deals with the impact of Agile and DevOps on project management practices and team structure in Software development projects. Project Management practices determine the success of the project. Agile and DevOps are essentially changing the rules on how the
DevOps Enhancement with Continuous Test Optimization.
Growing evidence suggests the DevOps approach enables faster development and deployment, and easier maintenance of applications. Still, the efficiency of DevOps is constrained by long cycle times. This paper presents the approach for improving time
Real-time DevOps analytics in practice
Agile is being adopted widely in the industry, but it is posing new challenges to operations team. The quality of software delivered at such a rapid pace not necessarily meet the operational requirements and break the existing system or the dependent systems. The