Definitions of Success

· To reach a personal goal.
· The ability to reach a certain standard of living — i.e. good job, nice car, family – and being able to provide for
them. I think graduating would be the start of success for me. Also, maybe finding that certain “someone” who
would compliment me.
· When you hit bottom and rise to overcome it.
· It is the way you get self-confidence. It is the way you feel when your family, friends and others around you are
proud by having you as an effective person – who they would really miss if you were not there.
· Being able to achieve a goal no matter what the circumstances or obstacles.
· Accomplishing a set of goals.
· Both the definition and achievement of goals that further one’s own future and mind development on the path which
he/she wants to take.
· The state of perfectly performing a work, duty or job … etc.
· To accomplish all of your goals with a “sweaty forehead,” but with a smile on your face. It’s going through your life
with a career which you love to do. It’s accepting failure, but rising from the hole. I’m not a quitter!
· First, it is “being there” for my family and loved ones. Second, it’s being a really good human being and following
my religion. Last, but not least, it’s being the best at whatever I do.
· It’s when you achieve above the level of what you were achieving the day before.
· Working hard to reach a goal no matter how easy or hard it is.
· Achieving whatever ultimate goal you have set for yourself in your lifetime. To many people, this could be millions
(or billions) of different things, whether it be monetray, spiritual, or any other idea.
· When you have overcome your obstacles – when everything is against you and you keep on doing what you had set
your mind to do, inspite of the hurdles.
· When you achieve the goals that you initially put before you, and you achieve them in a satisfied way. It’s the
achievement of goals with your own satisfaction.
· Reaching your goals that you set up for yourself, even through all the hardships that “slowed you down” or made
you think your goals were unreachable.
· The result of consistent working, hard working.
· When one’s own conscience is combined with the outcome – [a goal] met or accomplished . When one goes through
the struggle and finally reaches the top of the mountain and says, “I made it!”
· Everything you plan and do before the deadline.
· The amount of accomplishment you feel after doing something. It’s the feeling you get when you are proud of
yourself – even when you did not do as well as you had hoped you’d do. If you still feel like you’ve learned from
whatever happens, that’s success. It’s whatever makes you feel like an improved person.
· When you struggle and achieve something. It doesn’t measure how much struggle and effort you had and put in, but
it measures what you became – one step higher than before.
· Feeling happiness in what I do or where I’m at will reflect my success. I have goals that I want to achieve … and
when I grow up and [find myself] in that situation I could say, “I have succeded.”
· Success is the ones I have in my hands — having the same as my goal.
· The repeated effort and trial to get what you want.
· The overcoming of obstacles that come in the way as challenges as one progresses through life. Success does not
have to be only defined as overcoming an obstacle or accomplishing new ideas – but to learn from one’s mistakes to
better themselves.
· The accomplishment of a self set goal, achieved through personal effort.
· Accomplishing what my goals in life are, to my utmost potential.
· How hard you try after you have already failed.