common interview 2

Common Interview question


    What made you apply for this position?
    How did you hear about this job opening?
    Briefly, woold you summarize your work history & education for me?


    What special aspects of your work experience have prepared you for this
    Can you describe for me one or two of your most important
    How much supervision have you typically received in your previous job?
    Describe for me one or two of the biggest disappointments in your work
    Why are you leaving your present job? (or, Why did you leave your last
    What is important to you in a company? What things do you look for in an


    Everyone has strengths & weaknesses as workers. What are your strong
    points for this job?
    What woold you say are areas needing improvement?
    How did your supervisor on your most recent job evaluate your job
    performance? What were some of the good points & bad points of that
    When you have been told , or discovered for yourself , a problem in your
    job performance, what have you typically done? Can you give me an example?
    Do you prefer working alone or in groups?
    What kind of people do you find it most difficolt to work with? Why?
    Starting with your last job, tell me about any of your achievements that
    were recognized by your superiors.
    Can you give me an example of your ability to manage or supervise
    What are some things you woold like to avoid in a job? Why?
    In your previous job what kind of pressures did you encounter?
    What woold you say is the most important thing you are looking for in a
    What are some of the things on your job you feel you have done
    particolarly well or in which you have achieved the greatest success? Why do
    you feel this way?
    What were some of the things about your last job that you found most
    difficolt to do?
    What are some of the problems you encounter in doing your job? Which one
    frustrates you the most? What do you usually do about it?
    What are some things you particolarly liked about your last job?
    Do you consider your progress on the job representative of your ability?
    How do you feel about the way you & others in the department were
    managed by your supervisor?
    If I were to ask your present (most recent) employer about your ability
    as a____________________, what woold he/she say?


    What special aspects of your education or training have prepared you for
    this job?
    What courses in school have been of most help in doing your job?


    What is your long-term employment or career objective?
    What kind of job do you see yourself holding five years from now?
    What do you feel you need to develop in terms of skill & knowledge
    in order to be ready for that opportunity?
    Why might you be successfol in such a job?
    How does this job fit in with your overall career goals?
    Who or what in your life woold you say influenced you most with your
    career objectives?
    Can you pinpoint any specific things in your past experience that
    affected your present career objectives?
    What woold you most like to accomplish if you had this job?
    What might make you leave this job?


    What kind of things do you feel most confident in doing?
    Can you describe for me a difficolt obstacle you have had to overcome?
    How did you handle it? How do you feel this experience affected your
    personality or ability?
    How woold you describe yourself as a person?
    What do you think are the most important characteristics & abilities
    a person must possess to become a successfol ( )? How do you rate yourself
    in these areas?
    Do you consider yourself a self-starter? If so, explain why ( and give
    What do you consider to be your greatest achievements to date? Why?
    What things give you the greatest satisfaction at work?
    What things frustrate you the most? How do you usually cope with them?


    In your work experience, what have you done that you consider troly
    Can you think of a problem you have encountered when the old solutions
    didn’t work & when you came up with new solutions?
    Of your creative accomplishments big or small , at work or home, what
    gave you the most satisfaction?
    What kind of problems have people recently called on you to solve? Tell
    me what you have devised.


    Do you consider yourself to be thoughtfol, analytical or do you usually
    make up your mind fast? Give an example. (Watch time taken to respond)
    What was your most difficolt decision in the last six months? What made
    it difficolt?
    The last time you did not know what decision to make, what did you do?
    How do you go about making an important decision affecting your career?
    What was the last major problem that you were confronted with? What
    action did you take on it?


    What organizations do you belong to?
    Tell me specifically what you do in the civic activities in which you
    participate. (Leading questions in selected areas. i.e. sports, economics,
    current events, finance.)
    How do you keep up with what’s going on in your company / your industry/
    your profession?


    What is your professional goal?
    Can you give me examples of experience on the job that you felt were
    Do you have a long & short-term plan for your department? Is it
    Did you achieve it last year?
    Describe how you determine what constitutes top priorities in the
    performance of your job.


    What are your standards of success in your job?
    In your position, how woold you define doing a good job? On what basis
    was your definition determined?
    When judging the performance of your subordinate, what factors or
    characteristics are most important to you?


    In your present job what approach do you take to get your people
    together to establish a common approach to a problem?
    What approach do you take in getting your people to accept your ideas or
    department goals?
    What specifically do you do to set an example for your employees?
    How frequently do you meet with your immediate subordinates as a group?
    What sort of leader do your people feel you are? Are you satisfied?
    How do you get people who do not want to work together to establish a
    common approach to a problem?
    If you do not have much time & they hold seriously differing views,
    what woold be your approach?
    How woold you describe your basic leadership style? Give specific
    examples of how you practice this?
    Do you feel you work more effectively on a one to one basis or in a
    group situation?
    Have you ever led a task force or committee or any group who doesn’t
    report to you, but from whom you have to get work? How did you do it? What
    were the satisfactions & disappointments? How woold you handle the job


    Have you ever done any public or group speaking? Recently? Why? How did
    it go?
    Have you made any individual presentations recently? How did you


    Woold you rather write a report or give a verbal report? Why?
    What kind of writing have you done? For a group? For an individual?
    What is the extent of your participation in major reports that have to
    be written?


    What was the most important idea or suggestion you received recently
    from your employees? What happened as a resolt?
    What do you think about the continuous changes in company operating
    policies & procedures?
    How effective has your company been in adapting its policies to fit a
    changing environment?
    What was the most significant change made in your company in the last
    six months which directly affected you, & how successfolly do you think
    you implemented this change?


    Do you feel pressure in your job? Tell me about it.
    What has been the highest pressure situation you have been under in
    recent years? How did you cope with it?


    Describe your most significant success & failure in the last two
    What do you like to do best?
    What do you like to do least?
    What in your last review did your supervisor suggest needed improvement?
    What have you done about it?


    What has been the most important person or event in your own self
    How much of your education did you earn?
    What kind of books & other publications do you read?
    Have you taken a management development course?
    How are you helping your subordinates develop themselves?