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Low Power Programmable Bandpass Filter Section for Higher Order Filter Applications
We present a programmable, continuous-time bandpass filter that is extremely compact, power efficient, and can cover a wide range of frequencies (10 Hz–10 MHz). This capacitively coupled current conveyor has a second-order bandpass transfer function and is capable of being used as a basic bandpass-filter element to create high-order filters. The use of floating-gate transistors helps to ease the difficulties of effectively utilizing – filters by providing precise, programmable current sources that set the filter’s time constants. Additionally, we provide an algorithmic design approach for constructing these bandpass filters to meet any given specifications. This bandpass filter is ideally suited to large filter-bank applications because of its small size and low-power demands. Index Terms—Auto-zeroing floating-gate amplifier (AFGA), capacitively coupled current conveyor WITH the increasing trend of designing power-efficient analog circuits for portable applications, the demand is high for analog filters with better performance in terms of speed and power consumption. Continuous-time filters, particularly – filters, are the most often used solution for signal frequencies of several megahertz [1] as problems such as jitter and high dynamic power make discrete-time filters impractical at such frequencies. Irrespective of the frequency of operation, – filters suffer from limited linearity, a large overhead of tuning circuitry, and offsets due to device mismatch

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