clean energy technology

Putting renewables to work: How many jobs can the clean energy industry generate
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It is often assumed that environmental protection inevitably comes at a financial cost.
However, an increasing number of studies are finding precisely the opposite is true in the
case of renewable energy: that greater use of renewable energy systems provides economic

Greenhouse gas emissions from hydroelectric dams: controversies provide a springboard for rethinking a supposedly clean energy source. An editorial comment
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Nearly everyone has opened a bottle of Coca-Cola and seen the many tiny bubbles that
immediately emerge from the liquid. The gas (in this case carbon dioxide) is dissolved in the
water that makes up most of the soft drink. The solubility of the gas is higher under pressure

Intellectual property and access to clean energy technologies in developing countries
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Energy-related emissions account for more than 80 percent of global carbon dioxide (CO2)
emissions responsible for climate change. Hence, improvements in energy efficiency and
the development of lowcarbon sources of energy offer great potential for reducing emissions

China leading global race to make clean energy
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President Obama, in his State of the Union speech last week, sounded an alarm that the
United States was falling behind other countries, especially China, on energy. I do not
accept a future where the jobs and industries of tomorrow take root beyond our borders

The clean energy scam
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From his Cessna a mile above the southern Amazon, John Carter looks down on the
destruction of the world s greatest ecological jewel. He watches men converting rain forest
into cattle pastures and soybean ?elds with bulldozers and chains. He sees ?res wiping out

Re: American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009
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Our organizations greatly appreciate your efforts to consider climate change legislation,
including the meaningful adjustments that you have made in the new draft legislation.
Achieving targeted reductions of greenhouse gas emissions during a time of economic

Clean energy and jobs: A comprehensive approach to climate change andenergy policy
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Summary A broad consensus is emerging that the US needs to improve its energy efficiency
and diversify its sources of energy supply. Industry and workers realize that they need
energy sources that are reliable and secure against international price shocks and domestic

Coalbed methane: clean energy for the world
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When humans discovered rocks that could provide warmth and fuel cooking fires, coal was
likely viewed as a gift from the gods. Extracting coalbed methane (CBM) from underground
coal seams may not have the same significance to modern man, but this source for natural

Green jobs and the clean energy economy
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The Copenhagen Climate Councils Thought Leadership Series are inspirational, concise
and clearly argued essays from leading investors, scientists, urban planners, entrepreneurs,
experts, CEOs and policymakers on elements important to the development of a new global

Clean Energy Technologies: A Preliminary Inventory of the Potential for Electricity Generation
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The nation s power system is facing a diverse and broad set of challenges. These range
from restructuring and increased competitiveness in power production to the need for
additional production and distribution capacity to meet demand growth, and demands for

From coal to clean energy
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Converting even low grade coal to clean Substitute Natural Gas (SNG) is not only feasible
but highly attractive from the perspectives of the environment, security of energy supply, use
of available (domestic) resources and economics. JH Jensen, JM Poulsen and NU

Clean energy investment in Nigeria
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The objective of this study is to assess opportunities for clean energy investments in Nigeria.
A key component of the assessment is the identification of key obstacles that have
constituted barriers to investment in clean energy systems in the recent and past evolution of

Portugal gives itself a clean-energy makeover
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LISBON Five years ago, the leaders of this sun-scorched, wind-swept nation made a bet:
To reduce Portugal s dependence on imported fossil fuels, they embarked on an array of
ambitious renewable energy projects primarily harnessing the country s wind and

OTEC technology–a world of clean energy and water
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Abstract Scientists all over the world are making predictions about the ill effects of Global
warming and its consequences on the mankind. Conventional Fuel Fired Electric Power
Stations contribute nearly 21.3% of the Global Green House Gas emission annually. Hence,

Financing Projects That Use Clean-Energy Technologies. An Overview of Barriers and Opportunities
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This report was prepared as an account of work sponsored by an agency of the United
States government. Neither the United States government nor any agency thereof, nor any of
their employees, makes any warranty, express or implied, or assumes any legal liability or

Europe finds clean energy in trash, but US lags
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In that time, such plants have become both the mainstay of garbage disposal and a crucial
fuel source across Denmark, from wealthy exurbs like Horsholm to Copenhagen s downtown
area. Their use has not only reduced the country s energy costs and reliance on oil and gas,

Climate 2030: A national blueprint for a clean energy economy
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Reducing oil dependence. Strengthening energy security. Creating jobs. Tackling global
warming. Addressing air pollution. Improving our health. The United States has many
reasons to make the transition to a clean energy economy. What we need is a

State clean energy practices: Renewable portfolio standards
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The State Clean Energy Policies Analysis (SCEPA) project is supported by the
Weatherization and Intergovernmental Program within the Department of Energy s Office of
Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. This project seeks to quantify the impacts of

Rare earths and clean energy: analyzing China s upper hand
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Executive Summary? An ominous but avoidable resource crunch in the so-called rare earth
elements is now threatening the development of a number of key industries from energy to
defense to consumer electronics. As key components in the latest generation of

A Clean Energy Standard Analysis with the US-REGEN Model.
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ABSTRACT A clean energy standard (CES) is a potential policy alternative to reduce carbon
emissions in the electric sector. We analyze this policy under a range of technological
assumptions, expanding on the Energy Modeling Forum (EMF) 24 study scenarios, using a

Clean Energy Services for All: Financing Universal Electrification
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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY One in five people around the world, approximately 1.3 billion
people, 1 lack access to electricity. Prevailing estimates of the investment required to end
this energy poverty rely on a flawed analysis2 from the International Energy Agency (IEA)

Unique synthesis of graphene-based materials for clean energy and biological sensing applications
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Abstract Graphene has unique physical properties, and a variety of proof-of-concept devices
based on graphene have been demonstated. A prerequisite for the application of graphene
is its production in a controlled manner because the number of graphene layers and the

Clean energy funds: An overview of state support for renewable energy
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Executive Summary As competition in the supply and delivery of electricity has been
introduced in the United States, states have sought to ensure the continuation of public
benefits programs traditionally administered or funded by electric utilities. Many states have

CLEAN ENERGY: Jobs for America s future
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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Over the past three decades national energy policy has been the
subject of intense debate and policy innovation. Americans were buffeted by oil embargoes
and price increases in the 1970s, enjoyed low energy prices in the 1980s, and today face

Clean energy technology transfer: A review of programs under the UNFCCC
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This paper describes the experience andresults of programs designed tooperationalize the
technology transferprovisions of the United Nations FrameworkConvention on Climate
Change (UNFCCC). These programs share a common goal ofdemonstrating modalities for

Clean energy and development for South Africa: Background data
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Energy and economic development are inseparable. Without access to affordable energy,
long-term development cannot take place. Historically the most used energy sources have
been those nearest and easiest to consume. This has resulted in a global reliance on fossil

Gulf oil states seeking a lead in clean energy
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They are aggressiv ely pouring billions of dollars made in the oil fields into new green
technologies. They are establishing billion-dollar clean-technology investment funds. And
they are putting millions of dollars behind research projects at univ ersities from California to

Cost-effectiveness and economic incidence of a clean energy standard
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A CES would work by giving electric power plants clean energy credits for every megawatt-
hour (MWh) of electricity they generate from clean energy. Utilities that serve retail
customers would be responsible for making sure they had enough credits to meet their

Nanotechnolgy: Clean Energy and Resources for the Future
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ABSTRACT. Although resource issues have a somewhat musty feel, they have not gone
away: in the case of the US and other industrialized countries, they ve merely been
postponed by cheap foreign sources. In fact, conventional technology is exhausting its

Producer gas engines–proponent of clean energy technology
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ABSTRACT: Biomass gasification is environmentally benign and holds large promise for the
future. The research on producer gas engines commenced about a decade ago at Indian
Institute of Science, Bangalore and today IISc and Cummins India Limited are partnering in

A Gold Rush of Subsidies in Clean Energy Search
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The project is also a marvel in another, less obvious way: Taxpayers and ratepayers are
providing subsidies worth almost as much as the entire $1.6 billion cost of the project.
Similar subsidy packages have been given to 15 other solar-and wind-power electric plants

Delivering on the clean energy economy: The role of policy in developing successful domestic solar and wind industries
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ExEcutivE Summary The renewable energy industry is expanding to meet the needs of a
large and growing global market for clean and secure energy. This growth is likely to
continue, with electricity production from non-hydro renewable energy sources expected to

Clean Energy Policy Analyses: Analysis of the Status and Impact of Clean Energy Policies at the Local Level
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Executive Summary Interest in facilitating the adoption of energy efficient and renewable
energy (henceforth, clean energy ) technologies has grown rapidly in recent years
throughout the United States at all levels of government. Policy is one of the tools available

Clean energy trends
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In last year s Clean Energy Trends report, we noted that 2008 would prove to be another
banner year for clean energy even in the face of a brooding economic storm. That prognosis
proved correct, with revenue growth among our three key clean-energy sectors expanding

The importance of research and development (RD) for US competitiveness and a clean energy future
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Thank you Chair Maloney, Ranking Member Brownback and members of the Committee for
inviting me to testify today. I believe it is critically important that we give greater priority to
new and better research and development (RD) investments, to help ensure our country s

Exhaust air and wind energy recovery system for clean energy generation
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Abstract. An idea on harnessing clean energy from unnatural wind resources is presented in
this paper. A vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT) in cross-wind orientation, with an enclosure is
mounted above a cooling tower s exhaust fan to harness the wind energy for producing

Impact on the economy of the American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009 (HR 2454)
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1. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY CRA International (CRA) is a global consulting firm that has
provided economic, financial, strategy and business management advice to public and
private sector clients since 1965. CRA serves clients from offices on three continents. As

A switched-capacitor-based serial DC-DC converter using clean energypower supplies
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Abstract. Aimed at mobile back-lighting applications, a switched-capacitor-based serial DC-
DC converter is proposed in this paper. By using battery energy and solar energy, the
proposed converter generates the stepped-up voltage to drive white LEDs. Unlike

US-China clean energy cooperation: The road ahead
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US-China cooperation on clean energy and climate change has become one of the major
issues that is shaping the evolution of US-China relations. This change reflects internal
developments in both countries, along with the looming prospect of the Copenhagen

Opportunities and domestic barriers to clean energy investment in Chile
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Clean energy includes diverse sources of renewable energies (biomass, small-scale
hydroelectric, geothermal, wind, solar and marine) and a wide range of modern
transformation and application technologies (combustion, thermal, mechanical,

US to Investigate China s Clean Energy Aid
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Hours after the Office of the United States Trade Representative announced an investigation
into China s support for makers of wind and solar energy products, advanced batteries and
energy-efficient vehicles, the Treasury Department said it would delay its semiannual report

Deep in bedrock, clean energy and quake fears
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All seemed to be going well until Dec. 8, 2006, when the project set off an earthquake,
shaking and damaging buildings and terrifying many in a city that, as every schoolchild here
learns, had been devastated exactly 650 years before by a quake that sent two steeples of

Green Jobs and the Clean Energy Economy
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The Copenhagen Climate Councils Thought Leadership Series are inspirational, concise
and clearly argued essays from leading investors, scientists, urban planners, entrepreneurs,
experts, CEOs and policymakers on elements important to the development of a new global

Modeling clean and secure energy scenarios for the Indian power sector in 2030
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ABSTRACT Recent developments in renewable energy (RE) related to upward revisions to
potential estimates, declining costs, and improved performance have created new
opportunities for using RE to cost-effectively meet energy security challenges in India. Under
We present analytic solutions of the Eilenberger equations for the low-frequency Green s
functions corresponding to those quasiparticles whose trajectories pass near the center of
an isolated vortex. Using these results we find that for type II superconductors in the

Securing Policy Space for Clean Energy under the SCM Agreement: Alternative Approaches
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This paper has been produced under the E15Initiative (E15). Implemented jointly by the
International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development (ICTSD) and the World
Economic Forum, the E15 convenes world-class experts and institutions to generate

Cleaning Up After Clean Energy: Hazardous Waste in the Solar Industry
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Systems with a focus on energy science and technology. While pursuing these academic
interests through coursework and extracurricular activities, Ishan aspires to get involved in
Abstract A development framework of clean energy in China is put forward based on core
development strategy, technology support, and policy and laws support. In this framework,
the priority development and strategic backup of clean energy are defined, and the

Climate policy and voluntary initiatives: An evaluation of the Connecticut clean energy communities program
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Concern about climate change is having an increasing influence on how companies pursue
corporate strategy and individuals make consumption choices. There exists a large and
growing literature that seeks to explain why such voluntary initiatives occur and to evaluate

Recent innovations in financing for clean energy
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Executive Summary Many consumers and businesses lack the funds to complete major
energy efficiency retrofit projects in their home or business. This barrier has been
exacerbated by the 2008-2009 economic recession. Thus, easily accessible financing at

From Industrial Area to Solar Area: The Redevelopment of Brownfields and Old Building Stock with Clean Energy Solutions (City of Gelsenkirchen, Germany)
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Abstract A former coal mining and steel production hub, this case study on Gelsenkirchen
shows that the concepts of renewable energy and energy efficiency can be attractive, also
for a city with a declining population and rapid changes in economic structures–rather
Abstract In discussions about alternatives to our current fossil energy sources, basic and
applied research leading to biological production of molecular hydrogen utilizing
cyanobacteria deserves serious attention. In these oxygenic phototrophic bacteria, hydrogen

The Oil Sands: Canada s Path to Clean Energy
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Gordon Kelly has authored a new book by this title. He will discuss the changing role of
technology of the extraction and processing of the oil sands since they were first used by the
peoples of the First Nations to seal their canoes. Gord s talk will be illustrated through a

New unit for clean energy production from contaminated biomass (1 to 3 MWt)–example of process design
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The focus of the process integration was given at the versatile utilisation of common waste
raw materials. Not only wood chips or straw, but also contaminated waste material is of
peculiar importance for new customers in this sector. Thus, the process parameters of the

Framework for Evaluating the Total Value Proposition of Clean EnergyTechnologies
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Abstract Conventional valuation techniques fail to include many of the financial advantages
of clean energy technologies. By omitting benefits associated with risk management,
emissions reductions, policy incentives, resource use, corporate social responsibility, and

Clean energy conversion from waste fuels using high temperature air combustion technology
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Abstract: Recent advances on High Temperature Air Combustion (HiTAC) are reviewed. In
HiTAC method, combined heat regeneration and low oxygen methods are utilized to enlarge
and control the flame thermal behavior. The HiTAC technology emerged from the conception

Innovation, renewable energy, and state investment: case studies of leadingclean energy funds
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Abstract: Over the last several years, many US states have established clean energy funds
to help support the growth of renewable energy markets. Most often funded by system-
benefits charges (SBC), the 15 states that have established such funds are slated to collect

CaO-based sorbents for capturing CO2 in clean energy processes
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Using CaO-based regenerative sorbents to capture CO2 in fossil fuel based power
generation and H2 production is a promising technology for reduction of CO2 emission. A
major challenge for this technology is the decay of sorbent activity with increasing cycles of

Clean energy and poor people: ecological impacts of hydroelectric dam on fish and fishermen in the Amazon rainforest
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Abstract:-Hydroelectric power generated from man-made reservoirs is sometimes regarded
as a clean or environmental friendly energetic source, due to the lack of pollution mainly
from liquid and solid effluents. However, several researchers have been claiming that such

State clean energy practices: Renewable energy rebates
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Executive Summary Rebates are a classic marketing tool and have been widely used for
various consumer goods. A successful renewable energy rebate program may reduce
technology costs, demonstrate technological feasibility, reveal potential market barriers,