Current trend of IoT concentrates on use of cloud platform for storing and analyzing data. Through Building automation with IoT thus provide remote controlling and data analyzing feature. The proposed system uses Thingspeak cloud platform and ESP8266 Wi-Fi module to pasture and their supporting sensors, as well as a remote service cloud platform for centralized online scheduling and monitoring these equipment. Through demonstration application in Software design includes two parts, equipment software and cloud service platform . The Test automation is the use of special software (separate from the software being tested) to control the execution of tests and to compare cloud computing with an automated testing technique to address the existing problems. Using the vast resource of the cloud platform we are
Research on Graphic User Interface Automation Testing Technology Based on Cloud Platform
Cloud platform GUI automation test status Cloud platform GUI automation test and common GUI. Automated testing technology is an important research field in modern software quality of software products, we must pay attention to and strengthen the software automation test [18 The status of our home appliances will get uploaded to a cloud platform through wireless module. Our system and mobile should be connected over same wireless network. Our sensors will be able to enable or disable the sensors which will be in control of the user.
Competing Advanced Process Control via an Industrial Automation Cloud Platform
Abstract: This paper proposes an innovative approach for the advanced control of an industrial process via an automation cloud platform . Increased Market side 1 will typically be the users of automation hardware and software and side 2 the suppliers thereof as shown in Fig. 2. The client uses SDK Software Development KitĖ…provided by Gizwits cloud platform and Ezviz cloud platform for secondary development. The human-machine interface of the client uses layouts of linear, table, relative and absolute, and adopts Activity, Service, Broadcast And then the architecture of intelligent logistics cloud platform containing software layer (SaaS), platform layer (PaaS) and infrastructure (IaaS) has been constructed accordance with the core technology relative high concurrent processing technique, heterogeneous terminal to speed up the design of a real e-health Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) architecture with an agile software development methodology. Such automation makes it extremely easy to deploy complex sandbox environments for developers, also compatible with consequent and communication protocols into a new technology model for offering any application as a service, including home automation . We chose a cloud solution, based on the high scalability of infrastructure, software and applications. The presented architecture uses the to a cloud platform . Software testing has been one of the best practice areas for migrating to cloud environment. Virtualization, which is an enabling technology of Test automation topic is frequently visited when software testing is considered over the cloud . There are many test
Scalable Cloud Platform for Smart Home Devices Automation
RTOS F/W: AnRTOS is a piece of software designed to efficiently manage the time of a central processing unit (CPU)for microcontrollers and small microprocessors. RTOS-a real-time operating system kernel is used as micro controller platforms, AliOS ThingsAliOS (formerly
Modeling using of Triple H-Avatar Technology in online Multi- Cloud Platform Lab
and adaptation to the context of their use in the implementation of the requirements for reliability, fault tolerance, ergonomics and ubiquity of access without restrictions for the type of software and hardware platform will provide the research intensity of lab Multi- Cloud
Data processing pipeline automation on cloud platform
In this chapter, the selected methods are evaluated from the virtualization technique and cloud platform to the software development process model. The challenges during the migration project are discussed and an attempt is made to offer patterns for similar migration projects comprises of a set of interlinked collaborating software components and models to provide developers and platform providers with a number of core and modularity, it was also mandatory to use build automation techniques. Maven technology uses an XML file to describe the On the one hand CSSP targets application developers, typically Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), that can utilise the platform when cloud enabling their simulation products. ISVs use the CSSP as PaaS and develop custom solutions for their customers. On the other hand, Therefore, there is a need to have software for managing and automating cloudbased infrastructure both virtual and physical resources. In this paper, cloud automation and management software has been discussed. Service catalog/selfservice portal module acts as a store- In this paper, we develop a wireless cloud platform for supporting critical data publishing and distributed sensing of the surrounding In this paper, we developed a hardware and software architecture for integrating a cloud network system with an IWSN compliant with the TSCH management cloud platform based on IoT and cloud computing. All functions are modularized for the building management cloud platform . This paper illustrates the software and hardware developing in section 3 and section 4 respectively. The conclusions are given in the last
A cloud platform to support collaboration in supply networks
The C2NET project provides a scalable real-time architecture and a cloud platform that will gather different software to support the different network enterprises to: (i) manage the complexity and data security of all the network enterprises; (ii) store and share product data, cloud platform owned by Citrix Systems, using SOA and web services technology on the part of the system functions to do the reconstruction, we build an enterprise private cloud platform . Compared with the rest of the virtualization platform management software , this paper Except for the Storage and Cloud Computing concept of Cloud Platform this paper provided new point about sharing issue. A good share resources available way to Except for those software services, we think the core value of cloud platform can be distinguish storage, There emerges the development of software frameworks to allow the heterogeneous IoT devices to whole platform in a cloudbased deployment. For the rest of the paper we use the terms framework and platform to refer to the IoTivity framework and the IoTivity Cloud platform This paper outlines the design of a low cost smart switch that incorporates HAS, remote controllability and IOT cloud platform . It also ThingSpeak is an open source Internet of Things (IoT) cloud platform service provides web services on the cloud to store and retrieve data. The This research focuses on improving business process worked under workflow simulation. In the business process, there are several properties to be considered such as person, cost, time. The current workflow simulation cannot combine these properties to simulate the The raspberry pi is used as a central control for home automation implemented as IoT with voice recognition from Google Cloud Platform . With the use of full feature OS, most standard Internet protocols are available through the common software built-in the OS. The internet Cloud testing is the method of software testing based on cloud computing technology. In cloud testing was derived from the concept of cloud computing. It analyzed the questions of which software testing projects can do the cloud testing, why do clouds testing, how to do cloud The classic automation hierarchy is increasingly becoming transformed into a flat automation cloud (Figure 1). Two new technologies/ The cloud platform is proprietary, being operated exclusively by the provider and providing only the services made available by the latter. An Automation of application software : The software of enterprises would be controlled completely. The When the test development projects are suspended or completed, Cloud Platform can make a back-up of the existing test environment and release the computing resources, We give an overview of cloud environments and of supported cloud applications. The services provided by cloud providers to cloud users are typically classified into three categories : Softwareas-a-Service ( RightScale provides a cloud application template for automation . The Furthermore, hard- and software design of industrial controls do not consider the integration of cloud technologies on the shop floor, neither Numerical Controls (NC) or real programmable logic controllers (PLCs) into a cloud platform is unfeasible or associated with high effort. Precision agriculture is a data-driven farming practice that uses intra-and inter-field information to optimize farming operations. The brain of precision agriculture is a decision support system (DSS) that acquires data from various sources, analyzes them, and
Case study: IBM Watson Analytics cloud platform as analytics-as-a-service system for heart failure early detection
a Service (AaaS) using a cloud platform . It is also described a use case of IBM Watson Analytics, a cloud system for data analytics, applied of the main AaaS cloud systems, we reported the experience of using a cloudbased analytics software applied to the following case study
Infrastructure technology for cloud services
platform for services in the cloud era, integrating the server, storage, network, and software value to providers of cloud services as it can facilitate the automation of operations, thereby launched in June under the name Global Cloud Platform (GCP) starting with five In our cloud platform Alluxio is co-located with the compute nodes and Alluxio serves as a cache layer to exploit spatial locality. As a result, the compute nodes can read from and write to Alluxio; Alluxio then asynchronously persists data into the remote storage nodes. Using Under this model, the SC software is hosted on a cloud platform using web- and application servers supported by storage, network, and management servers in a network of Data Centers (DC), to which the users connect via a web browser. A key advantage of SCaaS model is
Microsoft Azure cloud platform connects with Rockwell Automation
Enabling tools include remote monitoring using cloudbased, dashboard, and portal technologies. Users of the platform can connect, configure, protect, harness, and administer all assets across platforms creating rules, extending systems, and building new opportunities with Since industrial automation systems of the future have to be adaptable and agile, cloud computing can be considered as a promising The evaluation of the proposed cloud platform is performed on a PC hardware with Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2400 processor having four 3.10GHz Huge distributed data banks were to be enabled, so that the collaboration approach at application level with communication software like SDN softwaredefined networking, SOA service-oriented architecture. The top or prior layer is all about services that enable the market
Cloud Platform Task Scheduling Strategy for Power Dispatching Automation System Based on Artificial Intelligence Algorithm
The task scheduling of the power dispatching automation cloud platform is to use the computer server cluster to distribute the software and hardware resources of the whole power grid stably and effectively, so that the overall resource consumption is less and the execution
A View-based Approach Towards an Engineering Platform for Industrial Automation in the Cloud
Recently, cloud computing gained more and more traction, not only in fast moving domains such as private and enterprise software but also in more traditional domains such as industrial automation . To some extent this is also driven by the advent of the Internet of Today¶s cloud based applications are working on delivery of Anything as a Service (XaaS) that accounts for provision of anything software microservices, security on the cloud platform . Service oriented Architecture (SoA) is based on Software as a Service (SaaS) of the cloud of multi- cloud and low energy IC to incorporate home automation with high security. Using the widely available Google Cloud Platform the different requirements of household life in typical Softwareas-a-Service (SaaS) cloud architecture. These networks are now expected to for clothing intelligent manufacturing based on radio frequency identification (RFID) technology in this paper, which includes intelligent manufacturing process execution system (MES), visual business intelligence (BI) cloud platform and mobile office software . MES is used to
Power management of virtualized cloud computing platform
surveys the latest research results from the perspectives of power measurement,power modeling,implementation mechanisms,and optimization algorithms.We investigate the challenges of operation and power management in virtualized cloud platformand try to find out the
Mastering intelligent clouds-Engineering intelligent data processing services in the cloud
for software design in the cloud . We introduce main characteristics of our pilot agent platform called UBIWARE and offer flexible servicing architecture within the cloud platform where various components and systems can configure, run and reuse intelligent cloud services to The Cloud Computing Platform The Neptune IIoT Cloud Platform (Neptune) is an open cloud computing platform we developed for industrial automation and IoT systems. Neptune provides a series of functions to interact with control and IoT devices distributed over With the development of the Internet Technologies and maturity of software applications, Software as a Service has grown up as a new kind of software service. In order to make the Independent Software Vendor could focus on the development of the core business and solution for Managed Compute Engine in their cloud platform in [19] using CM tools Puppet, Chef, Salt and Ansible. In , AWS has mentioned To avoid network dependency in production and local, additional cloud nexus repository can be setup since production is in cloud . The primary objective of this paper is to supply a new cloudbased platform for observing a patient who suffers from the specific disease, for example, sleep apnea, diabetes and others The software and hardware are accessible on a virtual platform of cloud computing displaying
The construction of private cloud platform in University Campus Based on Cloud Computing Technology
and can effectively manage,convenient and secure private cloud platform to further promote the in-depth implementation of cloud platform on campus,the design scheme of cloud computing and cloud desktop,and concludes the significance of realizing the private cloud platform
Cloud Services for Automation of Scientific and Engineering Computations
of cloud services for automation of computation processes. An implementation of this approach is presented in the form of Everest cloud platform Due to the inherent complexity of computing software and infrastructures, as well as the lack of required IT expertise among the platformspecific APIs and protocols falls upon the TOSCA cloud orchestrator software ; built and optimized to work with the cloud platform and with that platform ’s wellestablished, platform He is an expert in model based systems and desired-state automation co-leader of the
Status of Library Automation Software Use in Mumbai College Libraries
Abstract: The present study is about the use of library automation software in college libraries in Mumbai. Using a survey method an It is found that in open source software Koha was offered on cloud platform to libraries. Other two software that offered cloud platform were
Research automation for infrastructure and software : a framework for domain specific research with cloud computing
The Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is a collection of cloud services that provides users access to infrastructure, platforms, and software along with management capabilities. The the Google Cloud Platform with Stackdriver integration with minimal knowledge and effort. of a cloud platform in the context of this paper, we define the term of a cloud platform for Thus, one main objective of the integrated cloud platform is an automation of the order processing steps are integrated into one digital platform several software tools, which were needed in
A Method of Dispatching Automation Master System Software Testing Based on Cloud Computing Technology
Computing technologies such as virtualization technology, Web technology and cloud platform management technology were introduced to establish the testing platform for dispatching automation master system based on cloud computing technology (hereinafter referred to as computing technology, constitutes a pool of educational application software resources, and provides one-stop application services for teachers and education management departments, covering office management, online learning, teaching and research, and teaching and Cloud technologies are still characterized by critical issues, which pose specific challenges for application developers and operators. In particular cloud application-level and infrastructure-level are completely decoupled both in the development and runtime phases This paper discusses the support and significance of developing information management system for political parties under the digital cloud platform and describes the current research at home and abroad. According to the system design and performance requirements, B/S