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Automating the cloud security process enables organizations to gather the information they need to secure their cloud environments and redirect their efforts to innovation and growth. Automating the security processes that are conventionally created and deployed manually brings a new evolution to the cloud.
Cloud automation is a broad term that refers to processes and tools that reduce or eliminate manual efforts used to provision and manage cloud computing workloads and services. Organizations can apply cloud automation to private, public and hybrid cloud environments. This paper presents a methodology allowing for cloud security automation and demonstrates how a cloud environment can be In summary, the current efforts on cloud automation focus heavily on performance and predominantly overlook the vital security aspect. Also, a survey Cloud computing is the fundamental change happening in the field of Information Technology. It is a representation of a movement towards the intensive, large scale specialization. On the other hand, it brings about not only convenience and efficiency on third party auditability in cloud storage systems via simultaneous integrity check in order to ensure cloud data storage security . The authors We believe that the use of this automation potential can adapt the common certification process to the specifics of cloud computing. A the security of data in the cloud computing, the vendor has to provide some assurance in service level agreements (SLA) to convince the customer on security issues. computing, and section four discusses how to standardize SLA’s followed by the proposed data security issues. NIST has recently released its draft Guide to Adopting and Using the Security Content Automation Protocol (SCAP; see groups/SNS/ cloudcomputing/index.html), which identifies a suite of specifications for organizing and expressing Cloud computing is evolving technology because of its reduced expenditure, maintenance and dynamic resource pooling provision, on demand service, virtualization high availability. Security privacy are the major issues in the cloud environment because of its This paper explores the different data security issues in cloud computing in a multi-tenant environment and proposes methods to overcome the security issues. This Among the challenges, data security stands very tall and this paper explores the challenges of data security in We also propose a risk analysis approach that can be used by a prospective cloud service for analyzing the data security risks before putting his confidential data into a cloud computing environment. This approach is easily adaptable for automation of risk analysis. ternet-accessible resources has potential to provide significant benefits to robots and automation systems. We consider robots and automation systems that rely on data or code from a network to support their operation, ie, where not all sensing, computation, and memory is To ensure better automation reliability and efficiency, a cloud is designed based on repeating pattern. When a computing service is delivered by abstracting the technology through an interface, it makes the technology transparent. Transparency lowers the cost of the This paper presents the framework of a power-dispatching automation system (PDAS) based on a virtual private cloud which extracts advantages of technologies, such as a virtual private cloud a virtual private network, an https protocol, etc. Unlike existing on-premise or public
Big data security framework for distributed cloud data centers
such as smart phones, laptops, desktop computers, tablets and any Ethernet enabled device such as Home Automation Gadgets. Many In this chapter we introduced the Meta Cloud Data Storage architecture for protecting big data . We used the PKI security algorithm for our
Enhanced security framework to ensure data security in cloud computing using cryptography
cryptographic algorithms are adopted for the optimization of data security in cloud computing. Security Content Automation Protocol (SCAP) and the benefits it can provide to cloud and considered data access as well data sharing between the client and data center in cloud as a In this paper we have developed a Home Automation system that employs the integration of multi-touch mobile devices, cloud networking, wireless communication, and power-line communication to provide the user with remote control of various lights and appliances within
Intensification of educational cloud computing and crisis of data security in public clouds
of cloud computing and various security crisis related to data management. It also includes various tools for developing cloud computing and services performed by cloud Finally integrate all the moving parts, such that the infrastructure and realizes the benefits of automation Christian Esposito is an adjunct professor at the University of Naples Federico II, where he received his PhD in computer engineering and automation . He is also a research fellow at the University of Salerno, Italy. Esposito’s research interests include reliable and secure
Streamlining Cloud Application with AI Technology
Since we are in the digital transformation era, datadriven organizations focus on artificial intelligence (AI) for streamlining cloud AI technology has become essential in security automation in cloud applications. Data security has remained an important activity in most Automation is a classic solution for making management more scalable. In the past few years, cloud security has received considerable attention in the press. Data security is one of the main concerns of people who remain hesitant about using public clouds (see the Securing Hybrid cloud could provide both security and the scalability at the same time. However, there still are some problems about the data security because when user extends their application to the public cloud the cloud computing provider could access the users privacy data . Open Stack-Open stack is a free, open source cloud computing project developed to provide consumers an IaaS by means of a cloud . For this project openstack was chosen for deployment of the cloud server as openStack is a cloud software stack which runs on Gateway provides device connectivity to the internet to reach cloud services. It also enables device security features and provides end to end data security . The data from each device is transferred to a cloud platform, where it is analyzed and joined with We believe that there were two reasons for the system failing the hardware safety and application data security criteria. The first is that the experiments were run on the prototype implementation in which the participants were unable to observe the devices in a real home. The
Process Automation in an IoT Fog Cloud Ecosystem: A Survey and Taxonomy
Several schemas are suggested for data security which are signature-based schema, probability-based schema, tag-generation schema, the Cloud data centers. Nandyala and Kim [46] show which functions need to be transferred to the Fog, and which should be hosted on the We know that with the emergence of Internet people all around the world are using its services are heavily dependent on it. People are also storing their huge amount of data over the cloud . It is the challenge for researchers to secure the private and critical data of the IBM extended these concepts in 200 as detailed in the Autonomic Computing Manifesto, which describes advanced automation techniques such as self-monitoring, self-healing, self-configuring and self-optimizing in the management of complex IT systems with heterogeneous Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) computing is an advanced emerged field for improving data security which is based on the biological concept of DNA. A novel DNA based data encryption scheme has been proposed in this paper for the cloud computing environment. Here, a 1024
Security Automation in Information Technology
has been a major issue for many companies in the fight against rising cyber threats enabled by new cloud network attacks and proliferating the Internet of Things. A recent survey by the threat detection and hunting company Fidelis Cybersecurity has revealed this trend among The effective cloud automation and management platform should allow dynamic cloud resources allocations depending on the workload data protection regulations. To ensure the data security while carrying out the analysis in a federated cloud environment, the security of all
Data Security for Connected Governments and Organisations: Managing Automation and Artificial Intelligence
Digital ecosystems have grown rapidly over the years, and governments are investing in digital provision for their processes and services. Despite the advantages of distributed technologies, there are many security issues as well that result in breaches of data privacy service in cloud computing. Cloud data security is more vulnerable to attack due to virtualization because cloud is open and shared in nature Sharing nature cause degradation in performance of computing data from the cloud which in turn violates the policy of secrecy. We have also outlined four possible approaches to achieve this automation . These possible four approaches refer to four Therefore, as shown in Figure we start by collecting data from the cloud in an engine, which we call the data collection engine. Then we feed this data to
Data security and privacy in cloud computing
used in the cloud computing through data security aspects including data integrity, confidentiality, and availability. data security and privacy, focusing on the data storage and use in the cloud for data protection in the cloud computing environments to build trust between cloud Except for nefarious insiders, IT people dont wake up and say: ‘Hmm, I think Ill create a software vulnerability today, or misconfigure a cloud or container setting, leaving a gaping hole for attackers’. Yet it happens every day. Usually its a case of poor hygiene like not applying
Security in cloud computing
However it is prominent that, automation improvement, support and management, security and green-IT data centers are the lowest o Data Security and Control: Data in cloud environment should be identified and classified according to their types. The service providers should Because one of the biggest issues facing computer technology today is data security and the problem has gotten worse because users are working with sensitive information more often, while the number of threats is growing and hackers are developing new types of attacks, Internet of Things (IoT) is reshaping the way Cloud Service Providers (CSP) collect data from sensors. With billions of devices deployed around the world, CSP are providing platforms dedicated to IoT that provides advanced features for those devices. This paper focuses on
Artificial intelligent smart home automation with secured camera management-based GSM, cloud computing, and arduino
and secure smart home automation system based on a cloud computing system with an ESP Arduino system. The security of home had been Towards DNA based data security in the cloud computing environment , Computer Communication, Vol. No. pp. 539-54 2020. In this paper we have developed a Home Automation system that employs the integration of multi-touch mobile devices, cloud networking, wireless communication, and power-line communication to provide the user with remote control of various lights and appliances within
Architecting the Network for the Cloud
By providing greater levels of automation orchestration, provisioning, and deployment, cloud computing can help organizations become hybrid cloud services. Identity, data security and access control also take on more critical roles in a dynamic cloud environment, where cloud security management framework based on aligning the FISMA standard to fit with the cloud computing model, enabling cloud providers and consumers to be security existing security automation efforts such as CPE, CWE, CVE and CAPEC to facilitate the cloud services
Cloud computing in library automation : benefits and drawbacks
Whereas, in the case of hard‐copy document files and at the enterprise level, this fear disappeared years ago, given the benefits of cost reduction in infrastructure management and security in the case of digital data there is still a huge fear of putting our information in the hands
Securing the Cloud : Cloud computer Security techniques and tactics
Automation also contributes to cloud provider profitability and more competitive services for consumers. Reliability Reliability is critical in needs, or those who have data security or national security needs will probably take the build-a-private- cloud approach. Although it makes of a data is important, the bandwidth that’s taken to store a particular data should be given the upper hand. Most of the cloud data talked about in this Licensed software has greater data security and integrity. The authors conclude by stating that they hope to see disaster service This paper presents Hybrid (RSA AES) encryption algorithm to safeguard data security in Cloud . Security being the most important factor in cloud computing has to be dealt with great precautions. This paper mainly focuses on the following key tasks: 1. Secure Upload of data
Cloud computing in industrial automation systems
of cloud computing for the mitigation of the issues faces by automated systems. In this paper discussion about the future role of cloud computing is described for enhancing the automation in Cloud automation is a time saver and improves cloud management, becoming more Improved automation support and management, improved security and green-IT data centres were also cited as valuable drivers for moving to the Data security risks constitute the biggest barrier for cloud computing. Some businesses are still reluctant to move Cloud computing model is very exciting model especially for business peoples. Many business peoples are getting attracted towards cloud computing model because of the features easy to manage, device independent, location independent. But this cloud models centers, pervasive computing, automation virtualization and intelligent networks already penetrate into our daily life . The General File System (GFS) introduced in integrates different storage spaces and promises the data security . The privacy challenges that software To overcome these contradictions, the concept of local automation clouds has been introduced [27] and [28]. The local automation cloud concept takes the view that one or a few physically local automation actions are to be supported within a local cloud . Each local Trust Model for Security Automation Data defines the trust model for automation information and XML data processing. It makes Interoperability, data transport, and privacy concerns are three important factors that must be addressed for security automation to become We observe that data platform, user access and physical security issues; although accentuated in cloud computing; are generally applicable For enterprises that publish applications to cloud as well as for the cloud providers, protocols like Security Control Automation Protocol ( In general, cloud security is not same as computer security network security and data security ; it is not a simple technical of cloud security and proposes a data coloring method based on cloud watermarking, which can be applied to solving the trust management between data 13) Data security : Security will need to move to the data level so that enterprises can be sure their In this paper security in cloud computing was elaborated in a way that covers security issues and challenges, security standards and security management models. security issues for the automation IoT area. The paper is organized to follow the layers of IoT systems: Sensors and Actuators, Gateway and Network, Data Malware Malware can be easily embedded in the data of IoT devices which can reach the cloud and the data centres
Machines as the new Oompa-Loompas: trade secrecy, the cloud machine learning, and automation
As this Article describes, at least three recent shifts in the computing industry- cloud computing, the increasing primacy of data and machine learning, and automationhave turned these machines into the new Oompa-Loompas. While new technologies enabled this shift, trade
Smart power monitoring and control system through internet of things using cloud data storage
This work has been designed to implement smart power monitoring and control system through IoT using cloud data storage. Findings: Power consumed by various appliances is Automation system online makes user to operate the system even when user is not in vicinity of the
Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure Security : Security Automation Approaches for Hybrid IT
This thesis researched security approaches to architecting hybrid cloud security by evaluating security implementations and coming up This section addresses security automation in hybrid IT. Cloud security research firms Forrester and Gartner both cite misconfiguration as As we discuss later, cloud secSLAs allow a CSP to describe implemented security controls, associated metrics, and committed CSP values YOURcloud, an MCS approach powered by a secSLA-driven cloud service broker that implements realistic levels of security automation .
Security Automation with cloud computing
This paper proposes a Home Automation system(HAS)using Intel Galileo that uses the joining of cloud arranging, remote correspondence, to outfit the customer with remote control of various lights, fans, and machines inside their home and securing the data in the cloud [15-18]. Based on the cloud data security problem faced, this article introduced the homomorphic encryption mechanism, proposes a cloud computing data security scheme. The scheme ensures the transmission data between the cloud and the user safety. And in the