cadence tutorial- Assura physical verification

PCR 345963 Getting a hierarchical extracted view from RCX
PCR 351567 diskList: non-exist. directory should be created during run
PCR 372148 Spice input of nested subcircuits
PCR 393048 Need to support geomGetMacro for blackboxing
PCR 435185 Need equivalent of ignoreCell for schematic netlist
PCR 438500 Add label priority command for shorted labels
PCR 440657 Report missing connection layers for contact like Diva
PCR 457764 Need romReduce() avCompareRules option – unprogrammed ROM
PCR 469548 Enhancement request ?mFactorW
PCR 490952 Extract only and terminate early flow
PCR 495528 geomGetAngledEdge not working like Diva
PCR 550933 UI switch ?mFactorW t for RCX
PCR 555928 via layer should be output in av_extracted
PCR 566289 Provide menu item in Virtuoso to launch altPSM
PCR 568955 MP support for HRCX
PCR 571580 Allow generateRectangle with both x and y tileSpacing = 0
PCR 585521 Erosion support in RCX
PCR 589003 GUI for Hierarchical Extracted view
PCR 595824 Compact subgen files
PCR 604313 Support other layers_ not just recLayer_ for blocking
PCR 606863 RC/aveng requirements for RCX exclude region
PCR 639088 Modify UI to support avParameter ?flagUnconnectedVias
PCR 639095 Add romReduce rule to avCompareRules UI
PCR 640239 UI for new avCompareRule ignoreCell
PCR 647464 Support 3.1_446 on IBM AIX
Fixed PCRs
PCR 480724 Incorrect pinText definition and label attachments
PCR 551585 geomStretchCorner should allow to use variable
PCR 553983 LVS does not output the dialog box for saving design
PCR 554182 preExtract has to terminate if avCompareRules has syntax errors
PCR 584797 divaToAssura incorrectly translate saveDerived with ext_view
PCR 586488 divaToAssura modifies value assigned to variable
PCR 586868 LVS-Debug Environment reports LVS match for empty netlist
PCR 586968 divaToAssura does not translate saveDerived with ext_view
PCR 587616 divaToAssura incorrectly collects attachParameter functions
PCR 588244 Problem with filter(R) and filterDevice() command
PCR 588914 divaToAssura incorrectly translates if _ geomSizeInTub
PCR 588977 divaToAssura incorrectly translates common Diva/Assura deck
PCR 589000 divaToAssura incorrectly translates common xxxParasitic rule
PCR 590747 Add avParameter ?warnIgnoredFlattenedLabel to UI
PCR 591181 Wrong translation of attachParameter function
PCR 591333 gdsIIToVdb speedups
PCR 591485 divaToAssura parse error on unless
PCR 592991 UI does not honor user switch setting
PCR 596926 BETA – avC nets output in DSPF file
PCR 597209 divaToAssura does not translate connectivity via geomStamp
PCR 598330 divaToAssura incorrectly translates attachParasitic in if
PCR 598342 divaToAssura incorrectly translates if _ ivCallProc
PCR 601538 Need minimal documentation for divaToAssura
PCR 602130 divaToAssura should not split long layer names
PCR 603348 Subversion incompatibility for .avc_setup.tpl file
PCR 605710 divaToAssura incorrectly translates edgea==x in drc command
PCR 606138 Unexpected DRC output with geomSepOutside
PCR 606765 dfIIToVldb does not truncate long device names in AV3.1
PCR 609100 LVS generates incomplete .cxl file
PCR 638974 Top cell sch. not opened if another sch. is already open
PCR 639075 SA/SB max_s value must be set to >= 1 DBU
PCR 639541 Parameter values multiplied by 1e6 in .cls when negative
PCR 639849 UI must report error for type mismatch in ?var
PCR 640245 GUI probing – explain reports incorrect SA/SB parameters
PCR 640266 dfIIToVdb not processing instParameters properly
PCR 640531 lvsRules with swapPins causes miss in LVS runs
PCR 642479 Restart option does not work correctly
PCR 642885 LVS mismatch when romReduce used without filterReduceStatics
PCR 643148 Unable to ignore cells using avcompareRule ignoreCell
PCR 644227 ?ignoreVias is not working correctly
PCR 644559 Fixed Nets field should be removed except for Selected Paths
PCR 644651 Test case plvs_stepmind_493321 fails due to LVS mismatch
PCR 644654 Testcase plvs_408150 due to syntax error reported in Nvn
PCR 644751 generateRectangle output different then golden
PCR 644804 Number of Rs and Ls does not change with ladderNetwork
PCR 645019 dfIIToVldb fatal error
PCR 646359 Program assigns net label when multiple pin labels exist
Internal Fixed PCRs
Known Problems