cadence – diva to assura migration

Quick Start to Running Assura Using Diva Rules


Objectives of Diva to Assura Migration


Diva to Assura Migration Overview

To Facilitate Phase 1
To Facilitate Phase 2


Comparing Assura and Diva

Comparing Physical Verification Methodology
Comparing Physical Verification Flow
Comparing Runtime Environments
Comparing Run-Specific Files

Diva Run-Specific File Options in Assura

Comparing Rule Files

Diva Rule Files
Assura Rule Files
DRC Rule Files
Device Extraction and LVS Rule Files
Parasitic Extraction Rules
Switches for Conditional Compilation

Comparing DRC

DRC Generated Layers
Specifying a Layout Area to Verify
Modifying the Halo Area
Creating a Background Layer

Comparing Device Extraction

Extracted View
Extracting Devices
Excluding Cells from Extraction
Use of the ivpcells Cellview

Comparing Netlisting

Schematic Netlist Parameters
Customizing the Netlister Using SKILL

Comparing LVS

Hierarchical LVS
Correspondence Points
Standard Devices

Comparing, Viewing and Interpreting Results

Viewing and Correcting DRC Errors
Viewing and Debugging the LVS Results


How Assura Uses Diva Rules

Using compileOnly Option to View Converted DRC and Extraction Rules

How Assura Uses Diva DRC Rules
How Assura Uses Diva Extraction Rules

Device Parameter Extraction Rules
Data Storage Rules
DFII Extracted View

Matching Diva Behavior with DRC Rules

Using the raw Option with Diva Rules
Passing Nodal Information with geomStamp
Keeping Nodal Information
Using Pin and Terminal Information
Checking Well Contacts with geomSizeInTub

How Assura Uses Diva LVS Rules

How Assura Uses Case-Sensitive Parameters
Converting permuteDevice Rules
Matching Generic Devices

How Assura Uses Diva Conditional Execution Rules


Running Assura DRC with Diva Rules

Check the Diva Rules for Syntax Errors
Check the Diva Rules for Assura Compatibility
Complete an Assura DRC Run and Compare Results with Diva


Troubleshooting Assura DRC with Diva Rules

Assura Rule Compiler Errors for Diva DRC Rules
Different Number of Errors Reported by Diva and Assura
False Errors in Assura


Modifying Diva DRC Rules for Diva and Assura Compatibility

Point-to-Point Errors
Database Resolution for geomSize
Creating Compatibility for drc enc
Sizing the Background Layer
Combining sep and notch Checks
Checking for Angles with geomGetAngledEdge
Stamping Layers that Have Connectivity
Using raw with Mixed Original Layers and Derived Layers
Checking Edge Layers without Nodal Information

Using diffNet or sameNet with Edge Layers
Using Edge Layers in a sep Check
Using Edge Layers in a notch Check
Combining Edge and Polygon Layers with geomCat

Using a Derived Layer with drc to Eliminate Zero-Area Errors
Spacing and Width Checks Using checkLayer and checkAllLayers
Finding Problem Shapes with dubiousData
Specifying soft Layers in the geomConnect Rule
Using geomAnd with a Single Input Layer
Antenna Checks
ERC Functions


Running Assura LVS with Diva Rules

Check the Diva Rules for Syntax Errors
Run Assura LVS
Treating Generic Devices as Standard for LVS


Troubleshooting Assura LVS with Diva Rules

Matching Diva Behavior with Extraction Rules

Parasitic Extraction Rules
Case-Sensitive Parameter Names
Combining Measurements with attachParasitic

Differences in LVS Options

Device Fixing

Differences in LVS Results

Merging and Permuting Devices
Specifying Correspondence Points

LVS Errors

Unmatched Pin Errors
Bad Pin Swapping Errors


Translating Diva Rules to Assura Rules

Creating a Single File with Diva and Assura Rules


Optimizing Rules for Assura

Rewrite the Diva Rule for sep and notch Checks
Use Sequenced and Nonsequenced Connections

Assura Rule Example 1:
Assura Rule Example 2:

Use Assura Standard Devices


Master Key Capability

Master Key License Decision Tree

The ASSURA_MASTER_KEY Environment Variable Is Set
The Diva Product License Exists
The Assura Product License Exists

Flow Diagram: Master Key Licensing for a Diva DRC Run


Assura Rule Compiler Conversions for Diva Rules


Batch or Non-Graphic Mode Verification


Diva to Assura Migration Tutorial

Setup Steps
Tutorial 1: Using a Diva DRC Rule File With no Problem Commands

Files Used in This Tutorial
Another Method to Compare the Diva and Assura Errors

Tutorial 2: Using a Diva Rule File with Problems
Tutorial 3: Device Extraction and LVS