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Bluetooth is a popular communications protocol for mobile devices. It can be found on upwards of a billion units throughout the world. It is found on devices such as mobile phones, printers, earphones, and PDAs. Bluetooth is used for short range, wireless, ad-hoc communication. Harnessing the power of Bluetooth can add a great range of additional functionality to existing programs – and opens up new doors of possibility for the future. This project investigates the use of Bluetooth in developing Java 2 Mobile Edition applications.
This project uses the context of developing a simple game application to demonstrate the functionality of Bluetooth. The game will be programmed using J2ME, and include wireless multiplayer functions. The game that we have selected is based on the classic Top Trumps” card game, in which players compete by having a detailed knowledge of a chosen subject area – in particular, the statistics associated with the cards they hold. This project is useful for those who are interested in developing applications for mobile devices, and integrating Bluetooth into their systems. It will provide a review of the J2ME language, the Bluetooth APIs available, collection of code for re-use. The deliverable application will form a useful basis for further projects. We show how an existing Bluetooth package can be wrapped and adapted for easy integration into mobile applications.
Mobile Gaming
The value of this project is linked to the commercial aspects of the mobile phone game market. The market is virtually saturated in the UK. Communications providers are looking to provide additional services, including both music downloads, and mobile games. It is expected that the global market for mobile games, currently at $2.6bn, will rise to $11bn by the end of the decade[13]. Developing mobile games may have a signi cant commercial payo , both in terms of the product produced, and in solving common problems in the development process. Although this project will not be sold commercially, the information derived may be bene cial to other game developers. There are many mobile phone games available. Most of the major phone providers o er a download service for games. Many phones also come preloaded with a variety of games. The current mobile phone game market is still developing. In a recent survey it was found that of the top-selling US mobile games in the second half of 2006, none were original `straight to mobile’ developments. Three titles were classic games, ported to the new platform, and seven were licensed titles that were either supporting consolegames, lms or were marque branded

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