Battery suppliers

Advanced Battery Supplies – Retailer of mobile phone and PDA batteries.
Advanced Battery Systems Inc. – Offers cordless pho e, automotive and laptop batteries. – Offers digital camera battery and charger for Nikon, Canon, Fuji, Minolta and Leica cameras.
Airtime Battery – Batteries and accessories for two way radio and cellular phone applications.
All Battery – Provides batteries, chargers, car power inverters and DC adaptors. – Offers camcorder, cellular, digital camera and computer batteries.
4AllBatteries – Retailer and distributor for replacement batteries such as laptop, cameras, cellular phones, PDA and cordless phones. – Offers a large selection of batteries, including laptop, camcorder, cell phone and notebook.
Aloha Batteries – Battery and related accessory supplier for two-way radio, laptop computer, barcode scanner, medical and video.
Amondo Tech – Specialized in electronic accessories such as batteries and computers accessories.
AMS Batteries – Offering a alkaline, lead acid, and lithium varieties. Includes power cords, chargers, and computer backups.
AnyBattery – Offers batteries for medical equipment, UPS systems, laptops, two-way radios, and emergency lights.
Apex Batteries – Includes models designed to fit home medical products, security, rv, and vehicles. Also offering rechargeable varieties.
Arizona Battery – Offers sealed lead acid batteries for common usage and UPS systems.
Arrow Marketing – Selling cordless telephone, power tool, mobile phone, camcorder, and laptop batteries from the UK.
Aventrade – Yuasa and NiMH batteries, as well as Astron power supplies. Also offering LED name badges, lasers and light bulbs.
A2Vpower – Provides a variety of batteries, rechargeables, battery packs, chargers, LED flashlights and specialty lantern and spot-lights for audio, video to RC applications.
Battech – Replacement and original laptop, notebook and cellular technology batteries.
Batteries and Butter – Offering a wide variety of alkaline and lithium batteries. Includes chargers, blank media, and bulk sales.
Batteries ASAP – Offers sealed lead acid batteries primarily used in uninterruptible power supplies and emergency lighting applications.
Batteries Direct Inc. – Sells hand held bar code scanners and data terminals batteries, as well as laptops.
Batteries In A Flash – Specialized in hard to find batteries for vintage cameras and photographic equipment.
Batteries Inc – Featuring a variety of alkaline, rechargeable, lithium and battery pack customization.
Batteries Plus – Sells all kind of batteries for all needs including camcorder, phone, camera and laptop.
Batteries Wholesale – Sells NiMH and Nicad rechargeable batteries. – Offers batteries for equipment such as camcorder, computers, PDA, watch, digital camera, and phones. – Offers charger solutions for camcorders, digital cameras, laptop and cellular phones.
Battery – Specialized in rechargeable batteries, light sources, light torches, audio and video tapes and photographic films.
Battery Bank – Offers digital camera batteries.
The Battery Bank – Offers camcorder batteries and accessories.
Battery Barn – Replacement cells and accessories for many applications including watches, remote controls, and RC toys.
Battery Bob – Offers models designed to fit watches, hearing aids, camcorders, cordless phones, and cameras. Also includes chargers and blank media.
Battery Central Mall – Offers batteries such as alkaline, lithium or recargeable for all applications to consumers and businesses.
Battery Clinic, Inc. – Provides replacement and OEM types for portable power needs. Also manufacture and supply of medical, biomedical and x-ray battery replacement models.
Battery Consulting – Offering UPS, wheelchair, medical, and home and vehicle batteries.
Battery Doctor – Offers a variety of hearing aid and rechargeable batteries, as well as packs and chargers.
Battery Express – Sells batteries for PDA’s, watches, camcorders, digital camera, cellular phones, and laptops.
Battery for French – Provides wide selection of batteries for laptop, camcorder and digital camera, power tool, PDA, and chargers.
Battery Geek Inc. – Specializes in the portable power stations, batteries, and chargers. Includes tips, and information on volume pricing.
The Battery Guys – Batteries for cordless phones, hearing aids, watches, remotes, and other applications.
Battery Juice – Provides replacement batteries for small electronic devices, as well as laptop adapters and parts.
Battery Mart – Features alkaline, NiMh and lithium models for computers, cameras, phones, and health products.
Battery Masters – Sells camera films, disposable cameras, data media, torches, battery and chargers.
Battery Planet – UKs distributor of batteries and accessories for watches, phones, low and high voltage equipment.
Battery Price – Batteries for camcorders, digital cameras, laptop computers, two-way radios, alarm systems, power tools, and personal electronics.
Battery Selection – Offers batteries and accessories for laptops a
Battery Shed – Offers batteries for all applications such as watches, camera, clocks, and cordless phones.
Battery Source – Batteries for laptops, cell phones, camcorders, and two-way radios.
Battery Specialist – Provides batteries and accessories for electronic equipment such as laptops, cordless and cellular phones, UPS systems, handheld barcode scanners and assortment of alkaline, silver-oxide and lithium cells.
Battery Specialists Inc. – Provides camcorders, laptop, cellular phones, digital camer
as and rechargeable batteries.
Battery Standard – Offers batteries, power supplies and battery chargers.
The Battery Station – Batteries for lap op computers, cellular phones, and electronic devices.
The Battery Terminal Inc. – Featuring custom assembly for cars, phones and UPS systems. Includes chargers.
Battery Universe – Batteries for laptop computers, cellular phones, two-way radios, camcorders; accessories for portable devices.
Battery Values – Specializes in batteries for camcorder, digital cameras, laptops, PDA, cellular phones, cordless phones and UPS devices.
Battery Warehouse Direct – Sells alkaline batteries.
Battery Web – Offers batteries for laptop, camcorder, digital camera, cell phone, cordless phone, UPS and chargers.
Battery World Canada Corp. – Batteries for many applications. – Accessories and batteries for cellular and cordless phones, PDAs, laptops, camcorders, and digital cameras. UK – Offers laptop batteries and accessories. Makes covered range from Dell to IBM. Accessories include surge protectors, locks and inverters. – Batteries, chargers and accessories.
BatteryExpress – Offering rechargeable batteries and accessories for laptops, camcorders, digital cameras and cordless.
BatteryFuel – Provides batteries and adapters for laptops, cell phones, cordless phones and UPS systems. Also carry external notebook and laptop batteries.
BatteryJack – Offers a complete selection of batteries.
Batteryland – Sells chargers and accessories for computers, digital cameras and other devices. Located in Lisbon, Portugal and sells all over Europe.
BatteryShip – Sells batteries and battery replacement kits with tools for PDAs, iPods, MP3 players, laptops, and digital cameras.
BatterySpace – Offers AA battery charger, button battery, smart chargers, razor battery, and nimh charger.
Batterytown – Retailer of batteries for laptop, camcorder, digital camera and notebook computer.
BatteryTrader – Offers digital camera, camcorder and cordless power tool batteries.
BatteryZone – Offer a range of batteries for laptops, notebooks, cell phones and two-way radio. Also supply rebuilds, and recycled versions.
Bay Batteries – Batteries for notebook computers, cellular phones, camcorders, 2-way radios
B2C Battery – Offers a range of batteries for laptops and camcorders, plus chargers. Company profile, product catalogue, specials and contact details.
BD Batteries – Distributor of AGM, lead acid, and specialty deep cycle batteries in Denver Colorado.
Beiter Battery – Offering a wide variety of batteries designed to fit small electronics, scooters, and vehicles. Also offering chargers.
Bohannon Battery Distributors – Offers a variety of consumer electronics and vehicle batteries and chargers.
Brand Name Batteries for Less – Offering alkaline, rechargeable, electronic, and hearing aid batteries.
Budget Batteries – Suppliers of sizes designed to fit mobile phone, laptops, camcorders and watches. Based in the K.
Buyabattery – Offers camcorder, camera, cordless phone, and laptop models. Also offering chargers. Located in the UK. – Sells batteries for computers and mobile electronics such as PDA and accessories such as mouse and USB flash drive.
Cell Pack Solutions – Sells, design and build prototype battery packs and manufacture battery and cell packs.
CH Batteries – Distributors and manufacturers of batteries for products such as calculators and watches, cordless phone and remote controls.
Cheaper Batteries – Offers hearing aid and camera, cr2032 lithium cells, alkaline and siver oxide watch batteries. Located in the UK.
Courtiestown Marine Limited – Offers lead acid battery desulfation such as kits and ready built units, pulsers and EDTA.
Crazy Batteries – Provides alkaline, CR123, CR123a, CR2, lithium, digital and camera batteries.
CS Batteries – Specializing in button cell silver oxide and lithium batteries.
Cut-Rate Batteries – Offers after market battery packs for two-way radios, bar code scanners and printers.
DC-Battery – Specialized in digital camera and replacement battery.
Digimemcards – Retailer of multimedia accessories, including memory cards, card readers and batteries.
Digital Camera Battery – Offering a variety of batteries and chargers.
Digital Camera Battery Shop – Source for digital camera, analogue, and camcorder specific. Also chargers, and photographic accessories.
Dissios Batteries – Sells a wide range of batteries, chargers and accessories.
Diversified Battery – Offers a large selection of batteries.
DSmiller – Provides batteries such as laptop/notebook, cellular phone, cordless phone, digital camera, camcorder power tool and accessories. Replacement cmos and UPS Batteries.
Duracell Direct – Batteries for camcorders, laptops, cameras and phones.
E-Battery – Sells batteries for laptop and notebook, camcorder battery, digital camera and PDA.
eBattery – Sells a complete selection of batteries for laptops, phones, games, and audio and video equipment. – Camcorder, cellular, cordless phone and computer batteries.
eBuyBatteries – Offering laptop and camcorder models, as well as chargers.
ecbuy Plaza – Rechargeable batteries for digital camera and camcorder for the brands such as Canon, Nikon and Fuji.
Ecobatteries – Sales of nickel metal hydride rechargeable batteries, chargers, and LED torches.
eDsign – Offers rechargeable batteries for digital devices and digital cameras.
Elec Shopping – Offers batteries for laptop, camcorder, digital camera, power tools, cell phone, cordless phone, and chargers.
Electronic Part – Supplies a variety of batteries for equipment such as laptop, camcorder, digital camera battery, mobile phone and PDA.
Energy & Power Solutions rading – Energy equipment such as inverters, chargers, regulators, batteries, UPS and complete backup systems.
Epower2go – International reseller/distributor of batteries for computer clock CMOS, PRAM, laptop, UPS, cellular, digital camera and UPS.
eProducts to Go – Offers sealed lead acid, gel and small sealed batteries.
Espow – Offer replacement battery, charger for Canadian market.
Euro Batteries Co. Ltd. – Mobile phone, watch, hearing aid, and camera varieties. Includes lithium and rechargeable NiMh.
Ever Corporation – Provides laptop UPS and PLC batteries, as well as adapters and chargers. Offered in Frenchand English.
EVS Supply – Supplier of batteries for camcorders, cell phones and laptop computers and specialty, fluorescent and stage lighting supplies.
Excel Digital – Manufacturer and retailer of a complete selection of battery and charger.
Excel Digital Ltd. – Features camcorder, digital cameras and laptop batteries, as well as accessories and chargers. Located in the UK.
Gadget Batteries – Suppliers of spare and replacement batteries for camcorders, cameras, cordless phones and laptop computers.
Garden State Battery – Offers replacement batteries, chargers and accessories for consumer electronics devices, 2-way radios, emergency lighting, UPS’s and medical equipment.
GizBiz – Offer a range of compatible rechargeable batteries for digital camera models.
Global Web Marketing Group, Inc. – Offering batteries, chargers, testers, and specialty tools.
good-battery – Offers a range of laptop, camera, camcorder and batteries and chargers.
Handyware – Offers phones, cameras and iPod batteries.
24 Hour Batteries – Offering a variety of sizes for small electronics including LED lights and dog collars.
IBI – Distributor of replacement notebook/laptop batteries.
IBI Camcorder Battery – Offering camcorders and digital camera batteries. Also offering tips for extended life.
Infinite Lights – Specializing in lithium coin cell and photo batteries, as well as LR41 and LR44 alkaline.
Infinity Batteries – Offers batteries for laptop, cellular phone, PDA, digital camera, and iPod.
Ipod Battery Depot – Retailer specializing in iPod batteries.
JCBattery – Offering laptop, two-way radio, camcorder, and camera batteries and ac power adapters.
Kingbatt – Offers batteries for laptop and notebook, camcorder and digital camera, also battery chargers and various products.
Laptop Batteries – Offers battery for laptop,cellular phone, camcorder, digital camera, PDA, two-way radio, and power tools.
Laptop Battery UK – Sells replacement batteries for laptop , power tools, camcorder and rechargeable batteries.
Laptop Charge – Sells batteries and adapters for laptops and notebook computers, PDAs, digital cameras, camcorders, and iPods.
Low Cost Batteries Inc. – Also offering accessorie such as chargers, flashlights, and backups.
Madsonline – Specializes in repurposing electrical energy and storage with products such as ac adapters and specialized battery charges.
Maha Energy Corporation – Offers online sales to consumers, professionals and manufacturers of a wide range of rechargeable batteries and chargers. Includes product and support information and dealer locator.
Mail Order Batteries – Supply replacement rechargeable batteries for mobile phones, cameras, camcorders and cordless home telephones.
MDS Battery – Offers battery packs for notebooks, cordless phones, UPS systems, mobile phones and camcorders.
Mega Battery – Offers rechargeable, camera and cellular batteries, and chargers. Includes flat top and tab types.
Micropower Battery Company – Offers a variety of sizes including laptop, motor vehicle, camera, and phone. Also offering chargers and rechargeable types.
MK Battery – Sealed lead acid and gel batteries for wheelchairs, home medical, mobility, rv and vehicles.
MobilePower – Australian specialists providing batteries, power adapters and other power products for laptops and handheld computers.
Model Power – Supply batteries, chargers and leads and connectors.
NetBatts – Sells complete selection of batteries for products such as laptops, cellular phones, camcorders, digital cameras, UPS’s, and PDA’s.
NICA Power Battery Corp. – Sells computer, medical, consumer, and video batteries. Also offering chargers and notebook accessories.
North East Power and Battery – Supplier of notebook and laptop batteries and power adapters, also UPS and replacement batteries.
Omori – Sells Ultra Energy alkaline batteries.
One Battery – Retailer for replacement batteries for laptop, phone and camcorders. – Rechargeable batteries, Ni-MHs, Ni-Cads, RC Packs, chargers and cellular accessories.
Overlander Rechargeable Batteries – Nickel metal hydride and nickel cadmium batteries. Chargers are also available as well as electric motors.
Pacific Battery Systems – Offers replacement laptop and notebook batteries and for camcorders, cordless phones, alarm and cameras
Pacific Power Batteries – Batteries for laptop computers, cellular phones, and camcorders.
PentUpEnergy – UK supplier of rechargeable batteries and chargers for camcorders, digital cameras and general consumer use.
Phoenix Batteries – Supplier of rechargeable batteries for camcorders, digital camera, cordless phone, and mobile phone.
Planet Battery – Batteries and accessories for camcorders, laptop computers, digital cameras and UPS systems.
Portable Power Systems – Batteries/chargers for camcorders, telephones, medical, UPS, two-way radios.
Power Express – Offers batteries and chargers
for notebooks, camcorders, digital cameras, and power tools.
Power House Battery – Offers commercial, retail, and specialty batteries, solar panels, and power supplies.
Power Plant – Rechargeable batteries for portable battery and for CD or computer.
Power SuperSite Inc. – Sells power supply systems and battery kits. Provides FAQ, glossary and information.
PowerSupplies Online – Offers a selection of power supply solutions, chargers and voltage converters.
PowerUP – Sells laptop batteries, adapters and power products. – Batteries and accessories for various electronic goods.
Quality Batteries UK – Sells small batteries for watches, cameras, toys, hearing aids, rechargeable and general urpose.
Rapid Batteries – Offers rechargeable batteries and battery chargers, lithium and alkaline button batteries.
Rebatt – Provides AA, AAA, C, D and 9 volt alkaline and lithium batteries, and battery packs.
Remy Battery Co., Inc. – Includes sizes for applications such as automotive, commercial, consumer electronic, and stand-by power.
Riverhill Battery Warehouse – Sells batteries for consumer electronic accessories.
S.E.P. Technologies – Offering a batteries ranging in size from small electronics to marine, ATV, and motorcycle. Also includes chargers and a newsletter.
Shop For Battery – Offers Laptop batteries, AC and auto air adapter.
Shop4battery – Offers battery packs for cellular, computer, communication products, portable audio, handheld devices and chargers.
Silver Centre Pty Ltd – Offers laptop, camcorder, digital camera, mobile phone batteries and chargers.
Slavin4u – Sells batteries for video and digital cameras. Also sells EPCO bowling supplies for billiards, duckpin and candlepin bowling. – Universal charger for all handheld electronics.
Speedy Batteries – Sells NiMH and Li-ion batteries for products such as digital cameras, camcorder, and laptop.
Springfield Battery, Inc. – Includes sized designed for phones, cameras, computers and other small electronics. – Sells silver oxide 357/SR44 button cell replacement batteries.
Sta-Brite Electronics – Offers emergency lighting and replacement batteries, bulbs and parts for emergency lighting equipment.
Star Batteries – Sells NiMH rechargeable batteries and smart fast battery chargers for AA, AAA, C, D, 9V size batteries to power digital cameras and electronic devices.
Star-Battery – Retailer and distributor of laptop batteries, camcorder batteries, digital camera batteries, power tools batteries, battery chargers and accessories.
Supreme Power – Suppliers of wholesale and retail batteries of all types and accessories.
Tantronics Limited – Offers rechargeable batteries and chargers for conventional sizes. Specializing in digital camera and camcorder models.
Tech RC Batteries – Custom built battery packs for radio controlled devices.
Tennessee Battery Sales. – Providing batteries for many applications.
TheBatteryShoppe – Provides a selec ion of batteries, power adapters and chargers for equipment such as laptop, camcorder, cellular phone, cordless phone, and UPS.
Thomas Distributing – Offers a wide variety of rechargeable and digital camera batteries, chargers and accessories.
TitanNotebook – Batteries for notebook, digital camera, video camcorder and pocket PC, refurbished notebooks, slim optical drives, mobile CPUs and other notebook peripherals.
Ttek Assemblies – Offers custom powerpacks, a variety of batteries. Email order.
Ultimate Electronics Online – Offers battery packs for computers, cellular phones, and home audio and video product.
UPS Battery Supply Company – Offers batteries for applications such as computer, lightning and alarms.
USA Batteries – Sells replacement batteries, chargers, and adapters.
Vapex Technology – Sells AA, AAA, C, D, PP3 and model control batteries.
Vidtek Battery Canada – Offers laptop, notebook computer and camcorder batteries.
Volt Depot – Offering laptop, camcorder, and UPS batteries. Also includes AC and car adapters.
Watch Batteries Com. – Replacement battery for watch, camera, cordless phone and hearing aid.
Watch Batteries USA – Includes watch, calculator, camera, and keyless entry models.
WatchBattery – Also offering camera and cordless phone batteries. Includes chargers, straps and tools.
Westco Battery – Wide selection of laptop, cellular, and motorcycle batteries.
YouBatt – Digital camera and video camcorder batteries, chargers, AC power supply adapters and accessories.