Baby Care Tips

Babies are prone to Colic (stomach aches and crying) till upto 5 months. You can try to soothe your baby by carry her on the tummy, using one hand to cradle her head.
The best time to cut your baby’s nails is when she’s asleep. It will be much less stressful and the baby will not injure herself by moving around.
It takes some time for your newborn baby to settle down. She needs constant comforting and carrying around to help get used to the new surroundings.
If your baby develops Cradle Cap (a yellow, hard crust on the scalp) don’t rush to the doctor, since it’s easily treated. Rub some warm baby oil on the scalp, leave it overnight and wash with shampoo the next morning.
If the day is bright and sunny, give your baby a good protective covering before taking her out. Because your baby’s skin is up to 20 times more sensitive than yours.
Babies are prone to Colic (stomach aches and crying) till upto 5 months. You can try to soothe your baby by carry her on the tummy, using one hand to cradle her head.
Small babies can get nappy rash if they are not cleaned well. Every time your baby passes urine, bath her in lukewarm water and dry naturally in the air.
Sometimes newborn babies get sticky eyes because of blocked tear ducts. You can clear them by taking some cotton wool dabbed in boiled, cool water and massage the corners of your baby’s eyes. Use different cotton wool for each eye to avoid cross infection. The ducts can also be cleared by regular gentle massage around the eyes.
If your baby has white spots (milk spots) on her face, don’t panic. They are caused by a temporary blockage of the oil producing sebaceous glands. Don’t squeeze them, they will go away on their won within the first 2 to 3 weeks.
Your baby will soon start making sounds and try to talk to you. Always talk back and tell her about things she sees around her. Even though she may not understand you now, she is already learning the words that she will use later.
Stimulate your baby’s motor skills by making them change position frequently and giving plenty of exercises. Making them stand on your lap, bouncing, and pulling up to stand will help your baby become stronger and better coordinated.
Before you take your baby for a bath, make sure you have everything you need close by. Never leave the baby unattended in the bath even for a short while.
If the baby wakes up after a feed when you get up from your seat, try using a chair with lots of cushions behind you. It will be easier to get up without a jolt and put less pressure on your back.
Encourage your child to eat plenty of vegetables by cutting them up in interesting shapes. It is easy for them to handle and they would be keen to give it a try.
For the first 6 month, sterilise all bottles, eating stuff and toys that your baby puts in her mouth. Wash feeding bottles and nipples with hot soap water before sterilising, since left over milk is a breeding ground for germs. Make sure to let the eating equipment boil for at least 10 minutes.
Your kid is a noisy two-year old who refuses to sleep. Don’t give in, stick to a routine with strict bedtime. If you persist for at least a couple of weeks, your child will accept to go by the rules.
Settling down babies is easy if you give them a bath before the last feed. It helps them relax and the milk will soothe them to sleep.
Is it tiresome putting a restless baby to sleep? Try putting on some music in low volume, which some babies like as a comforting sound in the background.