Automated Circuit Breaker Monitoring

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Obrian substation. The slave units (CBM devices) were set up at breakers, which operate on a 345kV line. The slave units’ hardware was made weatherproof by sealing the metallic box with a sealant.
The breakers are located at an approximate distance of 150m from the control house. They are connected to the Substation PC through a wireless RS232 network in point-tomultipoint configuration. The master side software is installed on the substation PC and initialized to start reception. In normal work condition we cannot expect more than few events per month because breakers operate rarely. In test phase we implement special features to enable efficient testing of Circuit Breaker Monitor devices. We setup log file procedure. That means that we record and send real data file in equal time intervals. We decided that one record per day is enough to check current status of CBM.
This report described the modifications implemented of the new prototype Circuit Breaker Monitoring. The hardware and its integration details were described for both the slave and the master unit. The development of the communication protocol for master unit, which co-ordinates the data acquisition and time synchronization among slaves and makes the data accessible to other applications was discussed. This report also discusses the evaluation of the circuit breaker monitoring system in field conditions. Field-testing performed in a substation is described and the recorded results are compared. Software for CBM data analysis is developed and described in report: