Athena Semiconductor

Athena Semiconductors is a fabless integrated circuits (IC) company specializing in single-chip CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor) Pronounced “c-moss.” The most widely used integrated circuit design. It is found in almost every electronic product from handheld devices to mainframes. radio transceiver IC products. The company’s products address rapidly growing broadband communications and convergence market needs for delivering video, audio and data services to wireless devices. The current round of funding will be used to bring the company’s products to market, for sales and marketing efforts and for further product development.

Broadcom, Athena Semiconductor Wireless, WiFi, Mobile TV, Acquisition Broadcom expands on Wi-Fi chip and Mobile TV offerings with Athena acquisition – $21.6 Million Purchase Prices. Athena has 23 engineers in Greece and 40 engineers in Bangalore, India. Fabless chip company, Athena Semiconductor specializes in CMOS radio transceiver chips. IDC estimates WiFi chip market to reach 104 million units by 2008, 121 Percent CAGR. In-Stat estimates TV tuner market to reach 81 million units by 2012, 205 Percent CAGR
About Braodcom

About Us

Broadcom is a rapidly growing company. The growth is being fueled by expansion in numerous end-markets, both wired and wireless.
We are in a very strong financial position
Our wired and wireless products play an integral role in enabling faster, better, more cost-effective communications
Broadcom is a global leader in broadband communications semiconductors, with about $3.5 billion in annual sales.
Much of the world’s voice, video and data touch Broadcom’s products as information flows to and throughout equipment in the home, the office and in mobile settings worldwide.
We have the broadest communications product portfolio in the industry.
Broadcom’s chips are used in cable and DSL modems, cell phones, cable and satellite set top boxes, hand-held devices, PCs, servers, switches and routers. We enable features such as Blue tooth, Wi-Fi, PVR, security and voice over IP.
We employ over 4,000 people worldwide, including some of the most talented engineers in the industry.
Broadcom is the world’s second largest fables semiconductor company.
Company Profile  
With its diverse portfolio of products and the breadth and depth of engineering talent and intellectual property, Broadcom has a unique ability to drive convergence and integration of features and technologies for its customers.
Broadcom has a truly global presence. We have global markets and multiple design centers and offices in multiple countries of Asia, Europe and North America)
All of Boradcom’s groups are showing strength, between 8-15 percent revenue growth shown in our three business categories-Broadband Communications, Mobile and Wireless, and enterprise networking.
Broadcom has a diverse customer base, with worldwide Tier I customers
Broadcom is a leader in a number of its markets.
Broadcom focuses on bringing new products into existing markets and entering new markets, addressing high growth markets.
Broadcom’s diverse product portfolio, our leadership positions in several core markets, our ability to successfully enter new markets and our ability to execute well have allowed us to outpace many of our peers in revenue growth over the last decade.
About 2/3 of workforce are engineers, 311 with PhDs.
Broadcom has a strong patent portfolio: 1,000 issued, more than 3,000 U.S. patents pending; 600 patents a year filing rate.
Broadcom has the world’s broadest portfolio of communications integrated circuit intellectual property; world class software expertise.
Broadcom has a track record of innovation technology firsts, and successfully driving R&D through to completed products.
Broadcom has a track record of innovation technology first, and successfully driving R&D through to completed products.
Broadcom has established an industry reputation for superior engineering execution.