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Aarun astrology: Lifelong divination, predictions and remedies in Vedic Bhrigu astrology – Yearly prediction of significant events in life and remedies to prevent undesirable events, based on reading ancient parchments, determined by birth-chart.
Acharya Ved – Details of this astrologer’s consultation and tutoring services.
All Indian Astrological Services – Introduction in Vedic Astrology — Jyotish. Services of world-renowned astrologers. Personalized predictions.
Astounding Personal Life Predictions – Individual life predictions by the Himalayan soothsayers based on date, place and time of birth. – Ancient Vedic (Indian) astrology services, remedies, research and articles. Bhoj Patra Yantra.
Astrological horoscopes and predictions – Personalized Vedic astrology predictions and horoscopes, consultations.
Astrological Science – Offering consultation services including matchmaking, numerology, and vastushastra, with price list and ordering information.
Astrological Society of India – Offers paid services in Indian horoscopes, numerology, marriage compatibility, annual forecast and choosing gems.
Astrology at – offers paid services in Vedic Astrology. – Paid services: Vedic horoscopes, predictions, rudrakshas, yantras, mantra, and gems.
Astromancia – Offering medieval parchment style reports. Prices and ordering information. – Includes job and marriage analysis, matchmaking.
AstroVision Vedic Astrology – Vedic Astrology birth charts for future forecast, for love, marriage, money. health, money, business.
AyurVedic Astrologer – Personal consultations, articles on Ayurvedic Astrology, tapes, books.
Bhriguvani – Information about consultation services available, with articles and overview of vedic principles.
God Promise – Vedic astrology and rudraksha – provides horoscope services, predictions and gem stone information.
Horoscope Matching – Horoscope matching as per Vedic Astrology.
Horoscopes and Astrology by Bejan Daruwalla’s team – Daily horoscopes, personalized services by Vedic astrology, Tarot and numerology.
Indian Vedic Astrology – Details of services offered, with prices, horoscopes and FAQ.
Indian (Vedic) Astrology Based on Moon Sign by Indian Astrologers – Birth chart based on Vedic astrology, individual horoscope reports and consultations, love and horoscope match, live chat with astrologer. – Indian (Vedic) Astrology, birth chart and forecast based on moon sign by indian (Vedic) astrologers. Birth chart reading and reports daily, monthly, annually on career, love, medical. – Offering full life Hindu astrology readings on tape. Details of services, with related articles and information on books.
Jyotish — Vedic Astrology — by Jai Maharaj – Jyotish, Yoga, Tantra, Ayurveda, Vastu, Feng Shui, Reiki and other sciences by Jai Maharaj. – Offers remedies for health, business, relationships, finance. Compatibility chart with life partner. Detailed life reading with horochart and remedies. Additional services in Hindi and English for people in India. – Free Vedic birth charts, free Lal Kitab remedies, free Vastu consultancy. Astro remedies for your queries. Paid services: gems consultancy, Mantra remedies, match making.
Kaalchakra – Vedic Astrology horoscopes.
Nadi Astology by Umang Taneja – Books, articles, courses on Astology. Life predictions, compatibility, astro consultancy and guidance on major events of life. Complete elementary and advanced correspondence course of predictive astrology.
New Dynamic Inc. – Vedic astrology, Vastu, gemstone, financial advice based on Muhurta configuration, compatibility evaluation.
One Free Question – Over 20 years experience in Vedic Astrology, palmistry, face reading, numerology. Paid services and one free question.
OSFA – Orion School and Foundation for Astrology – Readings and consultations, course, articles, books.
Panthiradi Madathil Gopalakrishnan – Horoscope, Visadha Jathakaphalam, Vettila Prasnam, Nashta Jatakam. – Instant marriage compatibility testing and other Vedic Astrology paid services: lunar profile, name selector, partnership test, good timings, free planetary transit tracker.
123 Predictions – Offering natal charts, predictive services, horary and electional charts.
Shatendra’s Personal Homepage – Prof. Shatendra K. Sharma offers information about this consultations and remedies.
Soham Sharma – Astrology predictions, Vaastu consultancy.
5StarAstrology – Compatibility and personal astrology prediction report, solutions and remedies.
Startell – Offers horary astrology using Indian stellar methods. Details how to ask a question and how to pay.
Stephen Quong, Vedic Astrologer – Consultations and classes in Vedic astrology, astro palmistry, and gemmology.
Valerie Borton – Vedic astrologer in California offers consultations by phone, for a donation.
Vedic Astrologer Pandit Parsai – Can predict upcoming events in your life and help you make wise decisions. Birthcharts, future forecast, love, marriage, health, money, business and other related issues.
Vedic astrology – Life reading, career and business prediction, health and children report.
Vedic Astrology Consultations – Vedic astrologer Andrew Foss offers consultations worldwide.
Vedic Astrology Institute of Central Texas – Information about Vedic Astrology Offered by David Goldstein Ph.D.
Vedic Astrology Online Live Consultation by Vedic Astrologer Dr. Sudhanshu from India. – Online Vedic Astrology consultation in 15 minute in astrology predictions, specific and pinpoint timing of the event with Vedic remedy. Vedic astrology software, course, medical astrology with gem therepy and Astro Vaastu.
Vedic Astrology Readings by Chakrapani – Chakrapani is a world-renowned Vedic Astrologer from Kerala, South India.
Vedic Vidya Institute – The Vedic Vidya Institute offers traditional Indian subjects under the direction of Hart deFouw and others. – Vedic Astrological services and products.