astrology-the body language

SCRATCHING NOSE: When you’re not telling the truth, you instinctively want to cover up the source of the lie – your mouth – so no one can see you’re fibbing. But because that’s too obvious, people disguise it by scratching their nose.
LOOKING UP: if you look up you’re seeking help from above. People with a sense of self-importance also do it, suggesting they’re in contact with the Almighty, reports the Daily Mail.
BLINKING: It’s a sign someone’s worried, excited or even lying as they’re under stress and thinking very rapidly.
LIP NIBBLING: Lip nibbling, whether biting the lower lip or a corner of the mouth with the upper teeth, prevents someone from speaking, so it’s used by people who want to stop themselves from saying something.
TILTING HEAD: Often used by a woman to flirt and appear more attractive.
It appeals to a man because it lowers her height; -mimics a baby putting its head on its mother’s shoulder; and exposes the neck. As the neck is one of the most vulnerable parts of your body, showing it to someone is a way of saying, “I trust you implicitly.”
FURROWED BROWS: Lowering the brows is a dominance gesture used mainly by men, which tells people, “I may be looking at you, but I’m in charge.”
SHIFTING WEIGHT: When you want to escape from a conversation, you shift your weight from side to side or back to front.
Men also sometimes do this when chatting to a pretty girl to make themselves appear energetic.
OPEN HANDS: Showing the palms of your hands is a friendly -gesture showing that you have peaceful intentions. It indicates acceptance, good intentions and that you’re open to new ideas.
Hiding them, on the other hand, shows that you don’t want to give anything away.