ASIC Verification

Aptix Corporation – The company develops, manufactures and markets products for designing and verifying complex electronic systems and system-on-chip designs such as digital wireless cellular phones, wireless base stations, network routers, and graphics and multimedia devices.
Dynalith Systems – The company provides EDA solutions that enable electronic system designers to verify their algorithms in real hardware environments at an early design stage using C/C++/SystemC.
E language Tutorial – An unofficial Specman and E language tutorial including code examples and tips for both beginners and experienced users.
IKOS Systems – Provides a solution for verifying hardware and software in parallel.
0-In Design Automation – This company provides functional verification products that help verify multi-million gate ASICs and SOC designs.
InnoLogic Symbolic Simulation – ESP is an event driven Verilog symbolic simulator. ESP increases functional coverage and reduces verification runtime. ESP is ideal for memory and block level verification.
Model Technology – This company is the provider of a PC-based simulator.
Specman and SystemVerilog blog – A weblog for HVL (Specman – e and SystemVerilog) users, an extensive Specman tutorial and a verification methodology guide.
specman egroup – This is a group for specman users to ask questions, share code, techniques, and experience.
Summit Design – Provider of electronic design automation (EDA) software and services that enhance and accelerate the design and building of advanced electronic systems critical to the delivery of electronic products.
SynaptiCAD – Provider of EDA and verification products.
Tanner EDA – Provides integrated circuit design tools for PC platforms.
Tau Simulation – Tau Simulation produces high performance simulation software for integrated circuit verification.
Teradyne – Teradyne provides application of systems technology to practical problems in the design, production, and servicing of electronics.
TransEDA – Provider of ready-to-use verification solutions for the SoC (system-on-a-chip), ASIC (application-specific integrated circuit) and FPGA (field-programmable gate array) markets.
VERA Group of Synopsys – Provides testbench automation solution for functional verification – The VERATM System Verifier.
Verifica – The company provides verification tools, consulting and training services.
Verification Central – To purchase the book “The Art of Verification with Vera” online.
Verification Guild – A forum where verification professionals can discuss any issues and challenges presented by this most difficult task.
VeriSure – Provides verification engineering and consulting services in Europe and Israel.