ASIC companies

Accent S.p.A – Accent is a design service company which provides turnkey solutions for microelectronics product, design and realization.
Advanced Silicon SA. – Advanced Silicon is specialized in the development of CMOS high-voltage integrated circuits for flat panel LCD displays and motor drivers.
Alma Technologies – Developers of image compression, image processing, bus interface and memory controller IP cores.
AMI Semiconductor, Inc. – AMIS designs and manufactures mixed-signal and digital ASIC and ASSP solutions for the automotive, medical, industrial, communications and military/aerospace markets.
ASIC Design Services – Offers a consulting service for ASICs and FPGAs.
Aura Communications – Develops programmable system-on-chip solutions for personal area networks.
Barco Silex – Barco Silex is a micro-electronic design house with offices in Belgium in Ghent and Louvain-la-Neuve and a portfolio of design services in image and video processing, communications, consumer electronics and industrial electronics.
BitSim – Services in circuit board design, chip design (ASICs, FPGAs), and hardware-oriented software.
Bright Eyes Consulting – ASIC and FPGA consulting, specializing in verification and design.
BroadPak Corporation – Provider of semiconductor package substrate design services, signal/power/thermal integrity analysis, test engineering and assembly project management.
CC Enterprises – Consulting services in the area of ASIC and FPGA development.
CG-CoreEL Programmables – Provides FPGA and EDA design solutions.
Chip Supply Inc. – Semiconductor die distributor and value-added die processor. Also, wafers for multichip modules, hybrids and other unencapsulated die applications. Custom packages for unique application, packaging capability includes traditional monolithic encapsulation as well as TAB and CSP.
ChipHit – A custom search engine searching hundreds of FPGA, ASIC, and EDA related sites.
The Chiplist – Detailed information on the various processors used in personal computers and servers up to 1998. Includes specifications, overview tables, and roadmaps.
ChipX – Complete ASIC Time-to-Market Solution featuring flexible gate array production and a smooth migration from rapid prototyping to cost competitive high volume production. LPGA Laser Programmable Gate Array, CeLPGA System-on-Chip.
Clearspeed – A fabless semiconductor company focused on the design and development of microprocessors and related products that offer significant increases in the performance of computing systems.
Comport Data Inc. – Complete IC development services, based on mixed-signal and analog applications, as well as ASICs development using FPGAs, standard and custom cells architectures.
Coreworks S.A. – Provider of semiconductor intellectual property (IP) cores in the areas of audio and multimedia interfaces, and digital signal processing.
C-Port Corporation – C-5 Network Processor, first generation of fully programmable, custom-architected processors.
Data I/O – Provides engineering and manufacturing device programmer equipment for programmable integrated circuits.
Dspfactory Ltd. – Ultra-miniature, low power software-programmable DSP technology and ASIC design.
eASIC – Developer of structured ASIC fabric for SoC and platform designs.
eInfochips – Electronic design services company providing ASIC/SoC design and verification, physical layout and implementation, firmware development, DSP hardware and algorithms, board design, software QA.
EZchip Technologies – Networking equipment vendors employ EZchip processors to form the silicon core of next-generation switches for voice, video and data integration.
Florida Micro Devices – Foundry-independent Semiconductor supplier/engineering design house specializing in analog and mixed-mode ASICs. Offers mask programmable CMOS and bipolar ASICs, LCD drivers for avionics applications.
Flowgic – ASIC/FPGA services in architecture, design, verification and bring-up.
Forza Silicon – Specializes in mixed-signal IC design for analog processing and data converters.
Future Technology Devices International Ltd. – Designs and supplies USB semiconductor devices with Legacy support including royalty-free drivers.
Helion Technology – Offers a range of data security silicon IP cores and provides DSP algorithm development and implementation.
IC Mask Design – Provides physical design services, turnkey solutions, intellectual property and physical design training programs to the semiconductor industry.
iCODING Technology Inc. – Designs and licenses turbo code decoders/encoders for ASIC and FPGA applications.
ID MOS – Offers design services and IP for ASICs and FPGAs.
IP Cores – Development of intellectual property cores for ASIC and FPGA designs. Cores for AES, research P1619 (XTS-AES), research 802.1AE MACSEC (AES-GCM) and 802.11i (WPA CCMP) encryption.
Jennic – Provider of intellectual property and silicon design services to the broadband communications market.
JMicron Technology – A fabless IC company in Taiwan focused on Serial ATA.
Lateral Sands – Digital hardware design firm specializing in ASIC and FPGA design, chip or system level verification, IP cores, and systems modeling.
L&D Physical Design Services – Providing custom ASIC physical design services for deep sub-micron chips using Magma Tools.
Legend Silicon Corp. – Develops ASICs for broadband digital broadcasting over terrestrial and cable.
Leman Silicon Solutions – Design team offering services in VLSI digital design.
Lightspeed Semiconductor – Company offers mask reconfigurable intellectual property, Multi-function I/Os, and embedded test for structured ASIC families.
LSI – ASIC design and methodology, dsp solutions and Symbios logic.
M2000 – M2000 produces the FlexEOS range of FPGA macros to implement re-programmable ASIC and SoC designs.
Maxic Technology Corporation – A fabless IC design house focuses on the design, development, and marketing of advanced analog, mixed-signal, and power management integrated circuits.
Micronas Semiconductor Holding AG – A semiconductor company with headquarters in Zurich. ICs are used in consumer electronics (TV, video, radio equipment) and automotive electronics industries.
Perfisans Networks Corp. – Offers TCP/IP offload engine and iSCSI accelerator ASICs.
Philips Semiconductors Standard ICs – Philips Semiconductors is the world-wide supplier of standard and specialty logic, microcontrollers, I2C logic, analog, RF, and datacom ICs.
Pulsedge Solutions LLC – Specializes in advanced signal processing, algorithm development, hardware/software system architectures and detailed design of custom ASICs, FPGAs, custom DSP cores and hardware/software/firmware solutions
Rambus Inc – Develops and licenses chip-to-chip interface technology: XDR, DDR, RDRAM memories, PHY cells for PCI Express, backplane, and Ethernet applications.
RF Engines Limited – Specialises in advanced digital signal processing hardware designs for high quality signal filtering and conditioning.
RFIC Technologies – Offers services in VLSI, analog and RFIC design.
Rivermark Technology Group – RTG is a semiconductor IP company providing WLAN IP and design services to semiconductor manufacturers.
Semiconductor Complex Limited – Offers design, wafer fabrication, testing, packaging, quality assurance, reliability testing, VLSI based system manufacturing and applications support.
Silicon and Software Systems (S3) – Provides System-on-Chip (SoC) design services and mixed signal IP products to semiconductor and system manufacturers.
Silicon Interfaces – IP cores development and design services with System Verilog/Verilog/VHDL for design, modeling and verification of SoC, ASIC and FPGAs.
Silicon Logic Engineering – ASIC and SoC design services.
Siliconexion, Inc. – Provides a full suite of custom ASIC design services for digital, analog, and mixed-signal devices in CMOS and BiCMOS.
Sitronix Technology Corporation – Manufacturing LCD driver and LCD micro controller units.
Sonics, Inc. – Semiconductor IP company focused on SOC interconnect solutions.
StarGate Semiconductor – A group of consultants providing design expertise for ASIC, FPGA, hardware, software, and turnkey product design.
System to ASIC, Inc. – Develops and supplies analog/mixed signal ASICs to industrial, commercial and military markets.
Tahoe RF Semiconductor, Inc. – Design services company specializing in RFIC circuit design and layout.
Vativ Technologies – DSP-based IC solutions for wired communications for LAN, WAN, SAN, and HD-Video transport applications.
XON Design Consulting – Design, verification, and consulting services company, focused on digital ASICs for telecommunications. Located in Bucharest, Romania.
ZMM Technologies – Designs and markets single-chip solutions for converging telephony, Internet and PCs through USB connectivity.