analog layout interview questions

Do you have answers for the following questions
• Introduction to CMOS processes
o Basic processing steps (doping, photolithography, etching, deposition)
o Electrical interaction of layers
o Fabrication of an inverter
• Introduction to BiCMOS processes
o Fabrication of an NPN bipolar transistor
• MOS Transistor layout
o Basic parameters (channel width & length)
o Folding transistors / unit fingers
• Layout considerations for bipolar transistors
o Device composition, orientation, emitter area
• Substrate & Wells
o Substrate model
o Noise isolation techniques
o Latch-up
• CMOS Components
o Physical composition of capacitors, resistors and diodes
• Matching In Analog Layout
o Discussed the layout techniques applied to circuits requiring matching
• Floorplanning
o Supply considerations, pin positions/layer, signal flow, isolation
Additional preparation
• Understand the composition and layout techniques for passive devices used in analog design.
• Explore the techniques used in floorplanning complex analog designs
• Ability to layout complex analog designs on a mixed mode CMOS process