analog integrated circuit

The continuing development of silicon technology and the growing demand for more signal processing and functionality integrated on a single chip, has resulted in a growing need for the design of effective analog integrated circuits.
Analog circuits and systems have an important role in the implementation and application of silicon technology across a wide range of frequencies and for many functions. At all stages in the economic cycle having circuit designers with effective analog skills can give organisations a vital competitive edge, so they need to ensure that their engineers are appropriately skilled in their understanding of analog design techniques to meet current needs.
The reduction of power consumption in analog integrated circuits inevitably leads to higher noise levels, presenting a major challenge in present-day circuit designs. This course aims at developing design guidelines towards achieving optimum performance for low power and low noise simultaneuously.
Moreover the bipolar transistors, which are available in BiCMOS technologies, always offer less power consumption for the same equivalent input noise, which results in a renewed interest in BiCMOS. In this site BiCMOS and CMOS are treated in parallel, with many actual circuits designed and compared.

A 147 dB Dynamic Range Electronic Attenuator for Audiometric Applications with On-Chip 1 W Power

A 2.8V 200MHz Replicating CurrentComparator for Convolutional Decoders

A Dynamically Controllable DC/DC LevelConverter and Its Application to High-Speed, Low-Power

A low-power microphone preamplifier withEMI canceling

A packaged low-noise high-speed regulatedcascode transimpedance amplifier using 0.6┬Ám N-well CMOStechnology

A Receiver Channel with a Leading Edge Timing Discriminator for a Pulsed Time-of-Flight LaserRadar

APD Implementation to GHz Range Receiver Channel for a Pulsed Time-of-Flight Laser Radar

Battery Supplied Low Power Analog-Digital Front-End for Audio Applications

Curvature Compensated BiCMOS Bandgap with 1 V Supply Voltage

New Regulated Voltage Down Converter based on Modified Band-Gap Cells

Ultra-low Voltage CMOS Cascode Amplifier
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