Analog design project report template

1. Title Page: With topic, course, group number, name of each candidate in the group.
2. Foreword: Providing the objective of the work and the outline of your report.
3. Contents: Listing individual sections in the report with page numbers.
4. Layout plots: with clearly marked device and port names. Explain the port names. Attach the final schematic with clearly mentioned device dimensions.
5. Table with final circuit specific parameters – i.e., Data sheet of your design (Gain, UGF, PM, Common-mode range, etc.) vs. the given specifications – Use Table 2.
6. Mention clearly if design changes were made after submission of the Mid-Term Report. If yes, then enlist them, explaining the reason(s) to do so.
7. Simulations: Final plots for all the parameters after parasitics extraction – discuss them individually as in Part I (6). Compare them both with suitable explanation.
8. Conclusion: What did you do? What was achieved? And a summary of your results.
9. Feedback: What did you learn? How was it? Your comments.