An Integrated Laboratory for Processor Organization, Compiler Design, and Computer Networking

An integrated laboratory dealing with processor organization, compiler design, and computer networking has been developed. The goals of the laboratory are to make it possible for each student to work with modern and attractive materials, to learn about the interfaces between system modules, to provide students with opportunities to collaborate in the construction of a large system, and to give students a sense of accomplishment. The goals have been met based on the responses of students who have used it, verifying its effectiveness. In this paper, the authors describe the design and development of the baseline components to be integrated, the laboratory organization and schedule, and the results and evaluation of the laboratory. Processors, compilers, and computer networks are important elements in the study of computer science; however, they are often treated independently in the laboratories associated with lecture courses. Many reports on laboratories dealing with microprocessor design and implementation have been published . Exercises on compiler design are too common to mention. Some computer networking laboratories have been reported

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