8 bits Pipeline Analog to Digital Converter Design for High Speed Camera Application

This paper describes a pipeline analog-to-digital converter is implemented for high speed camera. In the pipeline ADC design, prime factor is designing operational amplifier with high gain so ADC have been high speed. The other advantage of pipeline is simple on concept, easy to implement in layout and have flexibility to increase speed. We made design and simulation using Mentor Graphics Software with 0.6 ┬Ám CMOS technology with a total power dissipation of 75.47 mW. Circuit techniques used include a precise comparator, operational amplifier and clock management. A switched capacitor is used to sample and multiplying at each stage. Simulation a worst case DNL and INL of 0.75 LSB. The design operates at 5 V dc. The ADC achieves a SNDR of 44.86 dB.
CMOS image sensors have evolved in the past years as a promising alternative to the conventional Charge Coupled device (CCD) technology. CMOS offer lower power consumption, more functionality and the possibility to integrate a complete camera system on one CHIP. The high speed camera used matrices photodiode to capture objects and each photodiode send an analog pixel to matrices column. Output analog pixel is converted to digital pixel by ADC then output from ADC is processed by digital processor element. ADC is used to converter is pipeline. Diagram block high speed camera is shown in figure 1. In the real time images processing, sensors function is important because it has function as transducer, so images can be processed to application for examples, face tracking and face recognition, medical imaging, industrial, sports and so on[4,5]. Figure 1. Describes 64×64 active pixel sensors (APS) is used capture object. We used the row decoder is charged to send to each line of pixels the control signals. The automatic scan of the whole array of pixels or sub windows of pixels is implemented by a sequential control unit which generates the internal signals to row and column decoders.

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