2.4GHz LNA in a 90 nm CMOS Technology

As part of a Low-IF ZigBee receiver, a 2.4GHz di®erential common source low noise ampli¯er, implemented in a 90nm mixed/RF 7M CMOS process and designed in moderate in- version, is presented in this work. Design methodology and simulation results from Spectre-RF simulator are presented. With 2.5V supply voltage, the LNA achieves a noise ¯gure of 2.5dB, an IIP3 of 1dB and gain higher than 10dB, with a current consumption of 12mA. Nowadays, study and design of radio-frequency front end analog blocks in CMOS technology have had an important development due to the considerable reduction in the tran- sistor’s channel size. Technologies commercially available reach transistor lengths up to 45nm, making possible tran- sistors with transit frequencies fT much higher that the mi- crowaves, even working in moderate or weak inversion . Also there are important improvements in integrated pas- sive components, i.e. inductors and capacitors, which have reached high levels of quality and low dispersion values.

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